Marijuana: 10 Powerful Facts to know about the Plant

From North Korea to Cannabinoids, there are more facts that you should know.

Cannabis Treats Fibromyalgia

For decades people have questioned the power of the marijuana plant. From its abilities to heal, to feed and to even bring spiritual enlightenment, the cannabis plant has proven to be exceptionally useful.

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1. The Power of CBD

The marijuana plant has always been recognized for its psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Little did you know CBD (cannabidiol) is the revolutionary change needed for mental and physical health. The non-psychoactive compound has a number of medicinal properties acting as anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and as an antioxidant. CBD helps target chronic pain, gastro disorders, seizures, cancer, depression and anxiety. CBD is available in capsules, syringes, balms, oils, tinctures and smokeable forms.

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2. Is North Korea more Liberal than Canada?

It would be a surprise to hear that North Korea actually has a very laid back view on the marijuana plant in comparison to the United States and Canada. Tourists say the status is legal and it can be bought in supermarkets and can be smoked in most restaurants and bars. The marijuana plant is not seen as an illegal drug but more of a healing medicine. Although it is still unclear on the exact status, it seems the country uses an “out of sight. out of mind” mentality due to its earnings from foreign currency.

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Propaganda posters for Reefer Madness. via Weed News

3. The Prohibition of Marijuana

Most think that marijuana has always been illegal, but that is not the case. It was until the 1930’s that marijuana was actually illegal. This was caused by the Mexican Revolution facing an American nation that wanted control. The laws of supply and demand have always been high, so no matter what the law says, people will find a way. Whether alcohol or marijuana the law has always found a way to relate it to the crime of the streets, and just like the alcohol prohibition the illegal status created higher crime rates, loss in tax revenue and loss of freedom. With legislation change, patients will see better availability in medicine and the government will see an increase in wealth.

4. Marijuana Laws in 2001

Regulation on access to medical marijuana was established by Health Canada in July 2001. This gave those a right to an MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) form protecting any doctor or physician as well as the patient from charges in court or faced prosecution. via Health Canada permitted those suffering from chronic pain, anorexia, HIV/AIDS, cancer, arthritis and epilepsy access to this application.

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Marijuana Plant from New Brunswick. The Star

5. Hemp Plant – The Super Plant

The hemp plant is used for many things from fabrics, paper, rope, body care, health food and even the first Declaration of Independence. In 1938, hemp was banned along with the ban on marijuana due to it coming from the same plant. Legalization of hemp was restated in 1998 to cover the cultivation, processing, transportation, sale, provision, import and export of industrial hemp. Growing options must go through Health Canada with an application process.

6 Cannabinoids and You

The Cannabinoid System is an amazing system that is utilized in all living animals. Interestingly enough, the human body itself produces its own cannabinoids called CB1 and CB2. They work on keeping your immune system healthy and your homeostasis system balanced. Cannabinoids work to kill brain cells but the one that causes tumors. Autoimmune diseases, the bodies immune cells produce free radicals and is destroying its own body as a foreign object. Cannabis pushes the immune system into an anti-inflammatory mode and helps slow the progression of the disease.

7. Overdosing on Marijuana is a Myth

One would have to smoke 800 joints in 15 minutes to temporarily overdose. If a temporary overdose happens you’ll most likely end up with a sedative at the emergency room. For some, cannabis can cause extreme anxiety or psychotic reactions which can be easily fixed by staying calm, relaxed and in a quiet environment. The term “greening out” is often used by smokers. It is when you smoke too much cannabis in a short period of time. For some, this can be done by smoking marijuana that is too high in THC resulting in dizziness. nausea and paranoia. Grab a glass of water, there is no reason to fear because no one can overdose.

8. Pot for Pets

Just like humans, pets have an endocannabinoid system which means the treatment use of cannabis helps pets dealing with anxiety, seizures, cancer and eating disorders. Now it has not been approved as a treatment so use wisely. CBD is the main benefactor in the treatment can be used orally.

9. 1971’s First Online Purchase

Students from Stanford University did the first exchange online with some students from MIT to buy some weed via ARPANET. However, since it was illegal it doesn’t check all the boxes for e-commerce.

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Canna Clinic employees getting arrested by 22nd Toronto Police Division during the Project Claudia raids. via Discover Cannabis

10. Charges to Changes

Most remember the commitment Justin Trudeau made to the cannabis community on legislation by 2017. But politics are not always perfect so we are still waiting for the official decision for 2018. There have been roughly 15,000 people charged and more than 2,000 have been convicted. In 2016, there was a small drop in this number which means that people are looking for a change.