Marijuana Retail Market in Calgary May Become a Small Fish vs Big Shark Battle

Many residents are vying for an opportunity to open a store in Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta, but the market may turn into survival of the fittest.

Large company owners like Smoker’s Corner and Edmonton’s Fire & Flower are pushing to become the majority store owners, building their brand to be a household name.

So far, the provincial rule limits each business to have up to 15 percent of market share.

Brandon Lau, a Calgary commercial real estate agent, told CBC News he expects that it will become a David versus Goliath battle.

“Sometimes it’s the Goliath that I find that just might have the advantage over someone who may not have the experience in setting up and running businesses.”
David versus Goliath situation is expected to unfold on the Calgary marijuana market (Image via University of Calgary)

Lau has organized 18 leasing deals in Alberta.

On Wednesday, a report was released by Ernst and Young recommending that retailers push above the pack.

If retailers want to become a household name they will have to build their brands while changing the overall outlook on marijuana.

The report encourages retailers to focus on one area as opposed to diluting their efforts in tackling many areas.

Lau believes that larger companies are always ready when it comes to marketing and business plans. However, smaller shops are more capable in the area of customer service and products.