Nunavut’s draft bill on cannabis prohibits people from growing plant at home

Iqaluit capital of Canada's newest territory, Nunavut.
Iqaluit capital of Nunavut. (File image)

Nunavut’s draft Cannabis Act or Bill 7 won’t allow people grow cannabis at home.

Nunavut’s bill was introduced to the Legislative Assembly for the first reading on May 24. Its second reading is expected next week, CBC News reported on Friday.

The Minister of Finance, David Akeeagok, will speak to the bill.

Dan Carlson, assistant deputy minister for the Department of Finance, said the Cannabis Act was drafted based on what the territorial government heard during community consultations.

Meanwhile, the Senate has rejected on Thursday an attempt to prohibit Canadians from growing a small number of marijuana plants at home once recreational cannabis is legalized.

Conservative Sen. Vern White proposed Thursday an amendment to Bill C-45 that would have banned home cultivation entirely across the country.