Some marijuana companies spent up to $200,000 on their booths at Toronto Lift expo

Some of the marijuana companies showcasing their latest green products or equipment at a Toronto expo have spent up to $200,000 on their booths, said Matei Olaru, CEO of Lift&co, the media company behind the event.

“There were companies who have invested $100,000 and others over 200,000 on their booths,” Olaru told the Puff Puff Post on Saturday.

He said the reason behind the hefty spending on the booths, ultimately to give them an extra oomph for their appeal, is a “sign of how restricting the industry is.”

A company showing some of its machinery.

In March, draft rules by Health Canada shocked many in the marijuana industry when it said that cannabis must be sold in plain packaging in order to dissuade teens from smoking or consuming weed.

One of the booths at the exhibition.

Marijuana producers criticized Health Canada‘s proposal, saying that it will only help the black market to further flourish.

So far, Health Canada didn’t release its final verdict on the marketing and packaging aspects of marijuana once it is legalized.

15,000 attendees

With no final figures released yet, Olaru said “we are estimating that more than 15 thousand” people have attended the expo, surpassing Lift’s predecessor events in both in Vancouver and Toronto.

In January, Lift’s expo in the western city of Vancouver saw 14 thousand participants, he said.

In addition to major Canadian companies such as Aphria and Aurora participating at the expo, the expo attracted big names like Ross Rebagliati, an Olympic Gold Medal winner and a marijuana advocate, who taught attendees how to grow, make and consume their own cannabis products.

Matei Olaru (C). (File image)

Canada this summer is going to be the first developed nation to legalize recreational marijuana, and the second country after Uruguay.

Despite the imminent legalization, Olaru said that “there isn’t enough clarity over where things are going but that what makes it fun and exciting.”