2018 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About

2018 is building up to be a big year full of new strains, new products, and legalization.

Recently there is some amazing genetics to talk about. These are three cannabis strains to hunt for in 2018. Keep an eye out for these up-and-coming genetics, as some might make an appearance at your local dispensary menu.

2018 Cannabis Strains

White Tahoe Cookies: The White x Tahoe OG x GSC

White Tahoe Cookies has incredibly bag appeal, dense in structure with a heavenly aroma. These frosty nugs have a purple hue that is covered in trichomes. It tastes almost like honey, very sweet on the exhale. via Cannafo

White Tahoe Cookies is an indica-dominant strain created by Kush4Breakfast and distributed by Archive Seed Bank. In addition, it amplifies attributes of each in trichome coverage, effect, and aroma. Also, the Girl Scout Cookies bouquet has been enhanced through this cross, offering up sweeter, hashier notes with heavy OG undertones.

Its sedative effects pile on with each hit with an intriguing trifecta of citrus, skunk, and musky pine aromas.

Medical: Stress, depression, inflammation, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Content: THC: 19-22%, CBD: unknown

Mimosa: Clementine x Purple Punch

5 Cannabis Strains You Should Be Excited About in 2018
This fruit punch-like aroma and cerebrally stimulating effects make her an ideal strain for beginners looking to reap the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the archetypal lethargy. via TLC Collective

Mimosa is the perfect strain for beginners or not so experienced smokers. This is a great recommendation for people who rarely smoke or just want a happy break from life. The effect of Mimosa is happy and giggly so you’ll be sure to turn your bad day around as soon as you puff on some Mimosa! This strain gives off exotic and fruity phenotypes.

The Clementine influence brings a heavy orange citrus while the Purple Punch lends some sweet berry flavoring. Also, if you look close you may see a hint of color to Mimosa’s buds. This beautiful bud has shimmering trichomes that sparkle in the sunlight and daytime.

Medical: Stress, depression, cramps and chronic pain.

Content: THC: 19-22%, CBD: unknown

Tina: StarBud x Unknown

2018 cannabis strains
Tina bred by Exotic Genetix. Provided by Trevor Hennings. via Leafly

Bred by Exotic Genetix in Washington, Tina is an indica strain that took 1st place in the 2017 High Times SoCal Harvest Cup. This powerful, THC-packed strain carries a strong, acrid aroma of pure jet fuel. Colorful and resin-coated, Tina blooms with deep purple hues and fiery orange hairs that stand out brightly against the dark foliage.

In addition, it is a heavy-hitting indica with an exceptionally frosty appearance. “She’s colorful, potent, high in THC, and smells like jet fuel. If you’re going for a Kush, this is the mother of all Kushes.”

Medical: insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety

Content: THC: 19-22%, CBD: unknown