Survey: Only 22% of Nova Scotians plan to buy cannabis after legalization

After legalization, only 22 per cent of Nova Scotians plan to buy cannabis, a recent survey shows.

MQO Research released its findings on Friday after surveying 400 residents in Nova Scotia, who were asked if they are planning to buy legal cannabis.

From the 22 per cent, about 67 per cent plan to buy their legal weed at a retail location and 21 per cent said would go online.

Meanwhile, the survey showed differences between age groups.

About 35 per cent of those aged 18 to 34, said they will be buying legal cannabis. But the percentage slightly decreased to 30 per cent for those between 35 to 54.

The biggest drop of all to merely nine per cent is for those 55 and older.

Gender also plays a role.

The survey shows more men are considering buying legal cannabis than women, with 25 per cent of males and 18 per cent of females open to the idea.

“One of the things that’s interesting to think is how is this number going to change over time.” Stephen Moore, MQO’s vice-president of research, said.

“As cannabis is legalized and becomes more normalized, what happens to this number then?”