3 Million Grams of Cannabis to be Sold to P.E.I. Government Per Year

The Government of Prince Edward Island has come to an agreement with three marijuana supply companies.

The signed agreement states that the three companies will provide three million grams of marijuana per year collectively. The amount would, therefore, provide each of the 121,000 islanders over the age of 19 years with a little under 25 grams each. This is based on the legalization on July 1st.

The president of Canada’s Island Garden, Edwin Jewell stated,

“It’s uncharted territory. Will Islanders use cannabis at the same rate as the rest of Canada or the same way people from Colorado would? It’s really hard to say at this point.”

Mr. Jewell provided the province with three market reports in order to make the decision on how much cannabis would be required. He said the decision was not an easy one to make, but the agreed amount should suffice.

cannabis P.E.I Government

It is estimated by Statistics Canada, that the average Canadian cannabis user used 160 grams within 2017.

Although the cannabis market is still mostly illegal, and the numbers are hugely provisional, Statistics Canada stands by its estimation.

In December, Corporate Research Associates put forth a survey which showed that 15 percent of the islanders would be purchasers of cannabis once it has been legalized. The survey response ensures that the three million grams that the P.E.I Government procured would be consumed by the population.