3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles… Don’t Do This!

3 Most Common Mistakes Making Edibles

Common Mistakes Making Edibles

Are you making Edibles? Try not to make these 3 common mistakes. These are the 3 most common mistakes making edibles.

Number 1

How much money do you spend on flower? A good ratio to start is 1:1, 1 cup of oil with one cup of ground Cannabis which is about 7-10 grams of flower. Anything more is just wasting your cannabis as the oil can only bind with so many cannabinoids.

Number 2

using raw cannabis. Correct this by using decarboxylated cannabis – this involves cooking the cannabis to utilize its full potential. You can cook your cannabis in the oven at 245 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-40 minutes mixing your bud every 10 minutes.

Number 3

Dosing. Putting to little or too much can make or break your edible. Start with a ½ of a teaspoon in a drink or on food, wait about an hour and see how you feel. Once you get your wanted effect, add that measurement to your recipe per serving.

These have been the 3 most common mistakes making edibles.

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