5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold

winter strains to help you through the cold season

Forget the official Winter Solstice in December or the Supermoon marking the New Year. The coldest season is officially upon us in Canada and the U.S. But there are winter strains to help you get through the season.

If you live anywhere near Canada or the East Coast, you’re probably feeling the brunt of the winter season. It’s freezing cold and snowy, which makes it high time to begin considering the best medicinal and recreational strains to get you through the wintertime. The winter doesn’t have to be so miserable.

Winter strains will help with not only the winter blues but pain, anxiety or sleep.


The winter blues blow. And the harsh winter season forces people into hibernation. Also, the winter brings on claustrophobic depression and anxiety. For millions of Americans, this season can be extremely sad and lonely. For those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a legitimate depressive disorder, winter can be a tough season. 

Maui Wowie: Hawaiian 

mw - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
Maui Wowie is a must-smoke for any serious cannabis fan. This strain is a classic in the world of weed. via Green Rush Daily

Hit winter upside the head with a blast from the Pacific. This optimism-breeding sativa has tropical aromas and flavors, transporting the user to the mildest climates of Hawaii. The euphoria combined with its citrus and pineapple taste is perfect for the unfortunate winter. Maui Wowie has motivating and stress-relieving qualities which are all you need to get outside.

Content: THC: 20-28%, CBD: 0.02-0.08%

Granddaddy Purple: Purple: Big Bud x Purple Urkel

gdp - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
DP blesses growers with massive commercial yields which are ready for harvest following a 60-day flowering time indoors. via Leafly

Besides the really cool-looking nugs, GDP will appease those bouncing off the walls and in need of some serious couch-lock with the ultra-relaxing effects these flowers spawn. Created in 2003 by Ken Estes’, GDP yields dense flowers and a grape flavor that goes down smooth in a bong. Its flowers bloom in shades of deep purple with snow-like white crystal resin. This indica will give your mind a cerebral euphoria and your body a physical relaxation.

Content: THC: 17-27%, CBD: 1-7%


For those who don’t get depressed this time of year, winter is welcomed for its beauty and activity. Here are are some seasonal strain suggestions, whether you’re trying to withstand the cold, recover from winter sports or make the season brighter and merrier. 

Sour Tsunami: Sour Diesel x NYC Diesel 

st - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
One of the first CBD strains to become popular. With nearly a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. via Medical Jane

Leave the glaciers behind and catch the ganja wave of this unique strain bred specifically for a high CBD content. It’s perfect for mind and muscle recovery back at the lodge after tumbling down mountains. As noted by Medical JaneSour Tsunami was developed by renowned grower Lawrence Ringo of Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. This sativa dominant strain produces dense, dark green buds with purple-tinged leaves. The buds have a familiar musky diesel smell with sweet undertones.

Content: THC: 10-11%, CBD: 9-11%

Jack Frost: Jack Herer x White Widow x Northern Lights #5

jf - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
It is a 50/50 hybrid strain has a mixture of both, sativa and indica varieties. via Growery

Into winter sports? This great-tasting, high-flying sativa strain is prime to blaze before leaping onto a snowboard or skiing down the death slope. Its high also has other significant effects on your system, including inducing creative, happy and energetic vibes. It has a fluffy green colored appearance with an earthy, woody and pine flavored taste. Jack Frost is best suitable for stress patients, as it has a very soothing and calming effect on your body. In addition, this hybrid is great for treating anxiety, depression, pain and a loss of appetite.

Content: THC: 20-23%, CBD: 0.01-1%


Northern Lights: Afghani x Thai

nl - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
Winner of the most cannabis awards worldwide, this pure Indica is sure to produce an almost instant body-high. via Medical Jane

This classic indica strain, named after the often spectacular and downright trippy natural light displays occurring in Arctic regions. It is a harmonic choice for the season. Arguably one of the most globally famed pot strains, Northern Lights originates from Holland. It is praised for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. psychoactive effects settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind in dreamy euphoria. It is perfect for those suffering from pain from any winter sports.

Content: THC: 16-21%, CBD: 0.01-1%


whc - 5 Winter Strains to Get You Through the Cold
Start up your crockpots, and get ready for the most satisfying and seductive cups of hot chocolate you’ll ever wake and bake with. via Daily Motion