500 Kilograms of Powdered Marijuana Seized by Turkish Security Forces

Turkish security forces have seized more than 500 kilograms of powdered marijuana on Monday across the country. 

Turkish gendarmes told the state-run Anadolu Agency that they seized 235 kilograms of powdered marijuana in a drug operation in the country’s Mediterranean province of Antalya.

However, in a separate operation in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, the gendarmes, who are service branch of the Turkish Armed Forces responsible for the maintenance of the public order in areas, seized 284 kilograms of marijuana powder and 2,000 marijuana roots.

In eastern Turkey, over 400 kilograms of heroin was also seized.

The news comes after Turkey’s Interior Ministry said Sunday that security forces have seized around 45 tons of marijuana and 10 tons of heroin so far this year, The Hurriyet Daily reported.

In addition to marijuana, about 251 kilograms of cocaine, 148 kg of opium, 521 kg of the synthetic drug bonzai, 289 kg of methamphetamines, and more than 5.5 million cannabis plants have also been seized, the daily added.

The operations led to the detention of 117,267 people in the same period for drug trafficking and 13,773 of them were remanded in custody.