7 People Tell The Story of the First Time They Got High

No one forgets their first time. Today 7 people will discuss the first time they got high on weed and the antics that followed. Like many first time experiences, cannabis produces incredibly diverse and colorful stories. For some it is terrifying, others enlightening and others still might not feel anything at all. Every experience is unique what is yours? Share in the comments below.

You Missed Your Stop

Public transit and weed are a match made in heaven. Weed and driving do not mix, especially with new testing protocols in place. However, you actually need to get on the bus. This first-time high story shows what happens when you smoke too much cannabis before hopping on a bus.
A University Bus Stop
(image via Transit Toronto)

I came from a very clean cut, catholic private school with zero tolerance for bullshit. It was kind of school that will give you a week’s worth of detention for not shaving. People who were caught getting high were expelled immediately. I had been fed a lot of archaic propaganda about weed… and I bought it hook line and sinker.

My friends mostly smoked up so I was the odd one out. I always got along with stoners, found them to be kind open minded people. But for personal reasons, I never did it myself. When I went off to university things changed.

As most Canadians tend to do I liberalized quite a bit when I went to uni. I was hanging out with a friend after bio class.

“He was the kind of dude that has all the stereotype stoner boxes checked. From his sub-par hygiene to his skateboard and loosely fitting beanie that seemed to stay on his head… despite any level of exertion.”

A group of around ten of us (team sand dunes we called ourselves) went to a nearby forest with a hastily crafted water bottle bong and a grinder full of crushed, stale weed.When the bong was passed to me, my past excuses for not smoking seemed foolish for some reason and I took the plunge.I must have coughed what felt like 10 minutes of pure agony. After some exploration around the forest and conversation about what animes we were into we departed. Later that day while waiting for the bus I fell asleep sitting down at my stop at midday. Needless to say, I came home a lot later than expected. Me and team sand dunes have been the best of friends ever since.

Spencer, 24
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Pete Sampras Got High in Gym Class

Okay, so no actual accounts of Pete Sampras smoking weed in high school exist… However, this person’s first time getting high story shows why so many athletes like to toke up.
Pete Sampras Kissing the Cup
(image via Crack Billionaire’s Blog)

OK, so the very first time I got high I was back in high school and the year was 2001. I was about 14 or 15 years old at the time. Now I grew up in a house where all I always knew the smell of marijuana but I never really paid attention to what it really was. All I knew was that my family was around it all the time so to me it always seemed perfectly normal. I found absolutely no problems with it at all.

Me and my buddies… about three of us… went out during our lunch break to the nearby Forest. One of my buddies rolled a massive three paper… like literally this thing looked like a Louisville slugger… and guess what… this was going to be the first joint I ever smoked.As we smoked the joint this thing took like literally like 15 minutes to burn all the way to the end. Right after the joint I still didn’t feel anything. It was around this time that I First started smoking cigarettes as well.We end up walking back to the school and low and behold… My first class after lunch is my favorite class… gym! So we end up making it to class and thankfully I had a substitute teacher… this old white guy who looked like Mr. Magoo.

“We ended up playing badminton in gym class and we began playing really hard and competitive. I was hitting everything back… I felt like Pete Sampras at Wimbledon. Then it happened, it kicked in. I broke out laughing and rolling on the ground during class with everyone wondering wtf is wrong with me.”

Thankfully the old substitute teacher probably thought I was just stupid or something. I remember after class getting on the bus and talking about the NWO Wolfpack (wrestling was big at the time) and getting home at 3 pm and passing out until 10 pm… so yea… my first time getting high involved badminton!

Chuck Brown, 32
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Samira Loves Rice


are very common among cannabis enthusiasts. This woman’s story of the first time she got high involves rice.. and lots of it.
A delicious plate of Arabic rice
(image Via My Halal Kitchen)

I never enjoyed the process of smoking anything be it tobacco or marijuana. It is just the process I detest especially after trying it a couple of times… That feeling of smoke entering my chest, never ever found it palatable.However, I tried to smoke marijuana just so I can understand the feeling people get… but to no avail. I felt nothing, despite trying to keep that “smoke” inside me for a bit. After these futile attempts, I tried Mac and Cheese edibles for dinner this year. At first, I thought I felt nothing, but then it hit me.

“I felt so sleepy and relaxed. I ended up sleeping on the couch, and I kept touching my face thinking I am still wearing my glasses and I need to take them off… there were no glasses on my face.  I remember seeing some geometric shapes that were rather vivid in color. But most of all, I experienced the munchies, and I was fantasizing about rice.”

I woke up just to have more rice, and I slept again to wake up the next morning! My other edible experiences included chocolate bars! What I loved about the experience is that it transported me back to the creativity I enjoyed when I was 17 or 18. I used to draw and make art but I stopped as I got busy with life, paying bills and focusing on my career. But the more edibles I consumed, the more marijuana felt like sleeping pills for me. I guess I need to go after high THC levels to feel something more profound and effective.

Samira, 35
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This story of getting high for the first time is among the more bizarre. Cannabis smokers often report being able to think more deeply about otherwise mundane things.
First person POV looking at their hands
(Image via Istock)

It was Halloween of grade 8. I don’t know what the hell year that was… For weeks my friends and I had been talking about smoking weed for the first time. My older cousins would always partake in it and so would everyone from my school and they had been talking about it for quite a while.I went to a private school and I was kind of scared of it. Other parents had told us things about cannabis and thought a certain way about it. So I decided with a group of my friends who were a little different, that we would partake for the first time.One of my friends from a lower grade had rolled a couple joints. I didn’t know how to roll a joint or anything. He came to my house with one of those little mint tin cans with 2 pre-rolled joints in them. We were so nervous… We packed a backpack with water and our goodies. We told my mom we were going out. We were too old to trick or treat but we told her we were going out to ruckus the town in my neighborhood at the time.Being a kid who was completely afraid of everything I had to find the safest, farthest away from everything spot to smoke weed. I devised that we were going to the train tracks because there was a go train station by my house. To get to the train tracks we had to crawl through a busted up hole in the fence. We were certain there’d be no one and we were going to enjoy ourselves.Low and behold my hypothesis was correct. There was no one there. We smoked a joint and I coughed a shit ton. I remember thinking, “This is hard to smoke, but I like the taste.” So after we finished we decided to go about our night.A lot of people say that they don’t get high the first time… or they dot feel it. Their story of the 1st time they get high is usually the 3rd or fourth time they smoked. I have the ability to combine both stories into one… My first time I smoked was also the 1st time I got high.I kind of remember walking down this grassy hill after the train tracks and not feeling anything. I asked my self, “Man why did we do this? My throat hurts, my eyes are all itchy and scratchy and watery from all this smoke.. this is ridiculous… what a waste of my time…” And then I looked down at my hands…

“My hands were so perplexing and weird to me… the fact that each finger moved individually… and they looked way bigger than I thought they were. They were right in front of my face like… these big ass hands and that was the moment I realized I felt it. I remember thinking “WHAT EVEN ARE HANDS?!”

My other friends who had smoked before felt it too. I got paranoid.. walking through my neighborhood I kept a constant watch out for my parents. Every white dog I saw walking down the street I was like, “Holy shit it that my dog?! No no… that’s not my dog…”

As we roamed around we would knock on some doors and get some candy with the pillowcases we had…. strictly for munchies. Most people were pissed off at us that we weren’t dressed up on Halloween.

And then I remember going to shoppers drug mart and buying Purell and soap and Visene and being so ripped checking out at the counter… Knowing that the lady at the checkout counter knew I was high. Then I remember going home after and watching a movie with my friends and having the best sleep of my life.

Steve “Souvlaki” Spirros, 25
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Just Smoke Through it B

Everything in moderation. This man’s story of the first time he got high speaks to the dangers of excess.

Man smokes Vape
(image via Canadian Press)

The first time I got high was on my own accord. I promised myself if I was going to try it, I would do it on my own terms. It was the end of grade 12 and I got my friend Tyrone to hook a brother up.

I remember being concerned though. “Don’t people say that you don’t get high on your first session?” “Nah b, you just gotta smoke through it.”… Famous. Last. Words. We ended up smoking a joint and I wasn’t feeling anything 20 minutes in. “Don’t worry man. You just gotta smoke through it.”

He ended up pulling out a small vaporizer and got that going. He handed it over to me and told me to keep pulling on that. Now keep in mind, it’s not like we were taking breaks during that 20 minutes. We just kept smoking.

“30 minutes in, I try to stand up and I stumbled and began laughing at my fall. I couldn’t stop laughing… Then I couldn’t get up. I can’t even go to the washroom by myself”

Tyrone ends up having to take me home while I hold on to him because I can’t see straight. In fact, when I closed my eyes I was seeing the most vivid smiley faces right in front of me. I guess if there was a moral to this story, it would be that when you face adversity, you just have to smoke through it.

Edgar, 22
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An Unexpected Trip to India

Some cannabis users, especially inexperienced ones report near-psychedelic effects even the occasional visual hallucination. This woman’s first time getting high involves the most inexpensive round trip to India anyone has ever taken.

The Streets of Mumbai
(image via Maciej Dakowicz)

So I never tried Marijuana in high-school. I was a good girl. The summer between high school and university we went over to one of my friend’s houses. There was a bunch of us and most of them were smoking… I didn’t really partake.We were just chilling until my friend rolled up a huge spliff and started giving it to everyone… So I took a couple tokes. I didn’t really know that it was high THC weed at the time. At first, I was like, “wow this feels good… like I didn’t have a care in the world.” It felt so good. But then After maybe an hour I started half hallucinating.

“I was walking home when suddenly the streets of Toronto became the streets of India for some reason. I was like, “why am I in India?” I remember calling my boyfriend at the time and telling him how weird I felt.”

He was like, “people react to things differently and you’re just reacting to it like this.” When I got home I lay in bed and started thinking about the most random things. One of the thing things I became focused on was if weed could stop your breathing.

This really freaked me out so I called my bf again at 2 am and said, “Dude… I’m not breathing…” and he’s like, “Dude if you weren’t breathing you wouldn’t be alive… you wouldn’t  be talking to me.” He told me not to worry and let me know that I was just having a mild panic attack.

He told me it was fine an that it happens. Just drink a lot of water and got to sleep. So that’s what I did. I woke up the next morning and was completely groggy. But yeah that was my first experience.

Elisabeth, 28
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Nine Inch Nails and Ten Inch Joints

Judging by the above picture, this might not be the best place for a first trip. However this man’s story of the first time he got high turned out to be one of his best concerts ever.
The Incredible Mr. Lifto
(image via Darkchilde’s Words to the Abyss)

Soo technically this might be cheating. It was the second time I used cannabis but it was the first time I truly felt the effects of cannabis. I was 14 and my buddy and I went to the old Maple Leaf Gardens. We went to go see a concert there it was the downward spiral tour which was Nine Inch Nails.This was when they just came out with their epic album that featured hurt. The very first act was the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. It is just a freak show.

There’s a guy there named Mr. Lifto and lets just put it this way… He’s pierced all over his body and he can lift things up with his various piercings so use your imaginations… It was literally the most freaky freak show you could ever imagine.

Next up was a band no one really knew of. This up and coming artist who had an album called Portrait of an American Family. Turned out this guy was Marylin Manson… It was epic.So everything going good. My buddy and I happened to sneak in a couple of joints. The joints we got were actually from his mom’s homegrown stash… Some real backyard boogie. Now being the age I’m at, looking back at that weed it was crap. But being so young I got a little bit of a glow from that. Now the guys sitting beside us were in their 20’s and still to this day I think about these guys.I go to a lot of concerts… One of them brought in a freezer bag full of pre-rolled joints… I don’t know how.I’ve been busted with joints in my smoke pack when I used to smoke cigarettes and was almost booted out of the concert for it. Our joints looked like crap… They were all wrinkled up and bent over.This guy looked over at us and he was like, “Hey… you guys want one of mine?” I’m like yeah sure! I’m expecting to pay this guy but gives it to me free of charge. He reaches into the freezer bag and literally gives us a hand full of joints.Marylin Manson had just finished his set which was incredibly epic. He blew the house away. We sparked these 2 joints. A third of the way into the first one I was like, “Oh my god… It’s really kicking in…” I was starting to feel light-headed, and have the whole euphoric experience going on.After the opening act, I had to take a pee. I told my friend I had to go to the washroom and that I’d be right back.  As soon as a stood up I felt like I entered another realm. The lightheadedness that I felt sitting down was now intensified by 1 million. I was really feeling it.Everything was looking fogy and hazy, not to mention there was a massive haze already from people lighting up. Anyway, I finally made it out of our row into the hallway of the Maple Leaf Gardens. After a journey, I made it to the washroom and did my thing. I was so high that I was starting to feel paranoid I was a little confused… A few people in the washroom I talked to were able to chill me out.As I started walking I realized I don’t know where I’m going. No seat number, no isle number… All I could remember was the second row. I must have passed 5 differed washrooms because I ended up at the farthest possible one from my seat.I Was standing there high and confused looking like a tripped out teenager… I walk in and I decided to go down to the second row and walk around the whole arena until I find my buddy.As I walk across the send row I’m walking across people. “Excuse me Sorry”…”OUCH!”. I was stumbling around stepping on toes. Finally, I make it back to my buddy just as the lights went down. I can’t even imagine trying to make it back if the lights were down… It would have been a mess.My buddy was like where the heck were you?  I told him my epic story about taking a pee. And that that ended up being one of the greatest times I used Cannabis and one of the greatest concert experiences I had in my entire like cause NIN blew it away. And that was the start of it all.

Johnny Potts, 38
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