90 Cannabis Farms are Blatantly Ignoring the Ban in California Valley

Cannabis farms are blatantly ignoring the ban implemented in California Valley.

On, Wednesday, January 31st, new legislation went into effect in order to curtail the upsurge in marijuana production occurring in the community of California Valley. The San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors presented the regulation bringing marijuana production to an abrupt stop. Despite this, 90 newly created growth sites have been uncovered, many are already producing.

Many of the producers in the Valley have stated to the staff of the Planning and Building Department that they intend to continue production of marijuana despite the ban, although it is against regulations established in November 2017. This was regarding growing marijuana unincorporated and prohibiting cultivation in residential areas.

Cultivation farm in California Valley. Via New York Times

New regulations require a reduction of 90 percent to each farm within the Valley

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors newly implemented regulations require each farm to depreciate by 90 percent. Many employees on various cultivation sites have requested them to reconsider, the reduction of farms means the reduction of employees.

Anna Delara, a farm owner who produces marijuana for patients that have been medically recommended, stated that they have been banned from the Valley, so they need to move to a new area. Anna and her husband are marijuana producers in the California Valley

“They banned us out of California Valley, so we have to move our grow somewhere else,”

She continued stating that they’ve since stopping growing plants there, and in turn lost the investment they’d made in fencing and other infrastructure for the farm. But many others are not as willing to remove their plants.

Marijuana farmers ignore the ban and continue to cultivate and produce on the same scale. Via The Tribue
Many cultivators do not believe that the ban can be enforced because the county does not have the authority

Many do not believe that the county has the jurisdiction to truly administer the ban, because, the cultivators fall under the permissions of Proposition 215, or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. However, there is a still a high possibility that they will soon be fined and have their plants uprooted.

The county has posted signs stating Cannabis development will no longer be permitted here on the observed newly developed growth areas. It’s intending to make additional moves with the recently settled cannabis hearing officer, who can direct regulatory hearings, issue fines and request plants evacuated through a disturbance reduction process.