A City in Massachusetts on its Way to be 1st to Sell Legal Recreational Pot

The New England Treatment Access (NETA) has completed all the necessary requirements to finally sell legal recreational marijuana at its Northampton location.

If approved, NETA will be able to sell legal recreational marijuana at their Northampton location immediately. This would also make Northampton to become the first city in Massachusetts to have legal recreational marijuana sales.

In 2016, Massachusetts voters elected to legalize recreational cannabis. However, the reason behind the late sales of legal recreational marijuana in Massachusetts is the absence of independently certified testing facilities.

NETA’s director of governmental affairs, Norton Arbelaez, said:

“All the state and local requirements have been completed.”

Approximately 100 new staff members have been hired by NETA in preparation for the company’s expansion into the recreational market.

NETA is also striving to acquire a recreational marijuana license in Brookline, a town in Massachusetts.