Oregon is Producing Three Times More Marijuana Than it Needs

Oregon is currently producing more marijuana than it needs.

The state of Oregon has been producing three times more marijuana than it needs; so much, that impressively large amounts are being sold illegally.

Law enforcement representatives from different states in the U.S were told by U.S Attorney, Billy Williams, that the overproduction on the substance is becoming a major issue, especially as it relates to recreational marijuana laws.

He stated that an explanation is needed on how the overproduction occurred and why so much of it is being sold illegally.

The attorney informed the state that the large excess is encouraging criminal networks, promoting money laundering, and drug violence. Law enforcers from other states have been reporting confiscation of marijuana from Oregon. The postal service has reported seizing more than 2,600 pounds of marijuana.

“We have an identifiable and formidable marijuana overproduction and diversion problem.”

Mr.Williams is adamant that there will be something done about the overproduction in the state.

The meeting was called shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions changed the Obama-era legislation which provided cannabis companies a legal a doorway to withstand the lashes from the federal government.

The state of Oregon legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2015. The voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana a year before that and medical marijuana use has been legal since 1998.

Many deny that the amount of legalized retailers are responsible for the rise in cannabis production, but rather that legalization makes it all more clear, and easier to account for.

On record, Oregon has 900 licensed recreational producers with 500 retailers, and more than 1,100 producers and 250 retailers awaiting approval.