After UK Parliament “Filibustered” Pot Bill, Labour MP Says Current “Law is an Ass”

Off all the countries in the world especially those in Western Europe, the UK is a stubborn spot, unwilling to catch up with the times and allow an epileptic boy, for example, to take medical marijuana freely, peacefully and most importantly, legally.

A bill by the British Labour MP Paul Flynn promoted both by the British Multiple Sclerosis Society and the United Patients Alliance was “filibustered”  on Wednesday.

Along with Flynn, social media users accused MPs, opponents of medical marijuana, of “filibustering” or using obstructive tactics to prevent and delay the adoption of a measure.

“The Bill is a simple one to move cannabis from a schedule that defines the drug as of no medicinal benefit to a second schedule that would permit its use for therapeutic reasons,” wrote Flynn in an Op-Ed in defense of his bill.

The 83-year-old yet wiry Flynn has long rallied with cannabis supporters to make medical marijuana a reality in the UK. Last year, dubbed as a “remarkable sight” by Flynn, “hundreds of seriously ill people gathered for a ‘cannabis tea party’ outside Parliament on 10 October 2017, breaking a law in full view of the police.”

“No action was taken,” he added. “The law is an ass, held in contempt by patients and public and now unenforceable.

They are asking for freedom to use their drugs of choice in the safest ways – not mixed with the killer drug tobacco.”

Flynn reiterated his call for the ill and suffering to break the law if needed to take medical marijuana. On Tuesday, Flynn supported the case of the 6-year-old Alfie Dingley, who suffered a rare form of epilepsy seizures that could reach as high as 30 times a day. Banning medical marijuana to Alfie is “barbaric” and “inhumane,” said Flynn in a video he published on his Facebook page.

“By acknowledging the medical benefits of cannabis we can change an unjust law, helping Alfie and the thousands of patients who are enduring the torments of MS and other serious illnesses,” he said.

Alfie’s mom could face up to 14 years in jail if she gives her son medical marijuana, Sky News reported.

Alfie with his mother. (Image via PA)

Citing studies, Flynn said in his Op-Ed that “The arguments are now irresistible” for the full legalization of medical marijuana.

Tens of thousands of people in UK are already breaking the law to use cannabis for symptom relief, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform previously said.

As of Jan. 1, Denmark was one of the latest European countries to allow the trial of medical marijuana.  In January, Portugal’s influential Doctors’ Association called for the legalization of marijuana-based medicines. Greece is also trying to grow its local marijuana industry to tap into the “green rush.”

So far, “twenty-nine of the USA’s 50 states have provision for the supply of medicinal cannabis,” Flynn wrote. “In Canada, it has also been legalized. In Europe, medicinal cannabis is produced in the Netherlands and is available in Italy, Finland, Switzerland and Germany.”