AGCO Falls Under Scrutiny For Latest Ontario Cannabis Retail Lottery Results

Just under 5,000 applicants have been eagerly awaiting the results of the latest AGCO retail lottery, and with the announcement of the winners being released today, the regulatory body is falling under scrutiny. Other media outlets such as the Financial Post have already reacted to the results:

Of the 42 applicants which will now be eligible to apply for an Ontario cannabis retail license, there are several discrepancies which need to be addressed. On the topic of “being addressed” there are multiple instances of different lottery winners being located at the same address:

– Thomas Miszuk, Cora Miszuk and VALVAC Corporation all win at same address: 317 Northern Ave, Sault Ste Marie.

– 2708289 Ontario Inc, Ofir Radovitzky and Norman Arias-Blanco all win at same address: 625 Trunk Rd, Sault Ste Marie

– Noah Soberano and Marilyn Jesty both win at same address: 1135 Richmond St, London

– 2161907 Alberta Ltd and Justin Farbstein both win at same address: 1869 Riverside, Timmins>

– 2708227 ONTARIO INC and 11537628 CANADA INC. both win at same address: 685 River Park, Timmins.

Another noteworthy result involves Corporation 11180673 Canada Inc. being awarded license application rights at 104 Harbord Street in Toronto. The address is currently occupied by existing “illegal dispensary” CAFE (Cannabis and Fine Edibles) which has remained in operation even after legalization 1.0 had passed.

The AGCO keeps the algorithm and methodology related to the “random lottery winner system” tightly under wraps, but many are calling for more transparency in order to better understand how such glaring discrepancies could possibly be overlooked. With such a highly anticipated release of information going public, it seems obvious that questions would be asked about the results – even with the lottery winners being chosen at random.

An interesting coincidence can be cited regarding 3 lottery winners from Innisfil:

Ronen Ackerman 2008 Commerce Park Drive, Innisfil

German Olga 1988 Commerce Park Drive, Innisfil

Ilim Uzunova 1982 Commerce Park Drive, Innisfil

The existence of three winners in such close proximity can create some obviously problematic consequences. Would all 3 locations be allowed to operate despite being so close to each other? Is there any affiliation between the applicants?

Affiliation between winners is being questioned in the wake of the announcement of results from the AGCO cannabis retail lottery. If any affiliation between applicants exists, the parties involved risk losing the right to apply for the retail license.

The possibility of problematic results aside, the other question currently being asked relates to whether or not the potential 42 new retail locations will result in the existence of enough outlets for cannabis consumers to obtain legal product. Many believe that the risk of shortages is still very real.

With the results just being released today, it is unclear as to how the AGCO will respond to the existing questions surrounding the results, and it is almost certain that there will be more questions being asked as more individuals react to the announcement.

A complete list of the lottery winners can be found here:

We at Puff Puff Post will be continuing to follow any news pertaining to the AGCO Ontario cannabis retail lottery results as they present themselves.