Over 650 cannabis applications have been filed in Alberta

With more than 600 applications filed to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the possibility of individual retail locations opening by Oct. 17 seems high.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has tallied a total of 684 applications for individual retail locations, with some applicants requesting more than one location.

Alberta did not anticipate such a huge number of applicants despite setting no limit.

In addition to individual retail licenses, the city will also be allowing online stores.

Alberta’s two cities, Calgary and Edmonton, have received 357 applications by the AGLC; 216 and 141 respectively.

The high number is a problem

AGLC’S spokeswoman Heather Holeman said the high number of applications has presented a problem.

“Earlier in the process, we saw more of an influx but it’s fairly steady; we’ll likely get some more in the next week.”

Matt Zabloski lead for the City of Calgary’s cannabis legalization project stated that Calgary is set to begin approving applications by July 30.

“A good number of applications should be ready to open Oct. 17. We don’t want to be an impediment to stores opening then.”

He also explained that locations provided by these applicants are clustered 300 meters of each other, adding applications that were filed first will be approved.

This would fall within the buffer distance of 300 meters between the stores and 150 meters from schools set by the city.

Holeman, meanwhile, explained that the bylaws and requirements may help filter out some of the applications.

“Municipal bylaws and zoning requirements may reduce some of those store numbers.”

She added that by Oct. 17 some of the applications would be approved and stores will be open.