Alcohol Is 114 Times More Dangerous Than Marijuana

The new study organized by Scientific Reports highlights that alcohol is more likely to kill you than marijuana.

Although marijuana remains illegal by federal law in the USA, it is safer than alcohol.

The study shows that there are very few known illnesses that marijuana can’t help with. It may even cure some conditions.

This information is a significant victory for cannabis supporters across the USA as it supports the continuous statements to the media the plant is beneficial.

Earlier this year a report showed that since medical marijuana legalization throughout the country, alcohol consumption numbers had decreased by 15 percent.

It is suspected that the reason that the federal government refuses to legalize marijuana is that it is conspiring with the heads of the alcohol industry.

Many speculate that marijuana is a threat to the alcohol industry because it presents a natural healthy alternative.

They believe that if the USA is truly the “Land of the Free”, marijuana legalization on the federal level needs to happen as soon as possible.