Australian Researchers to Study Marijuana as Alternative Treatment to Insomnia

Some people do in fact take marijuana to help them fall asleep. However, Australian researchers are set to research the green herb’s nitty-gritty details of how it could treat insomnia.

The researchers from University of Western Australia’s Center for Sleep Science will be running a blind trial with the Australian medical research and development company Zelda Therapeutics, New Atlas reported.

Peter Eastwood, the lead on the upcoming study, said prescription medicines, some antidepressants, and antihistamines “can have unpleasant side effects when used long-term.”

These medications “can result in dependence and withdrawal symptoms,” highlighting the need for a better alternative in treating insomnia.

“Based on previous research we believe a small dose of medicinal cannabinoid may be effective for treating chronic insomnia and have fewer side effects than current drug treatment options.”

Trial Participants

For two weeks, trial participants will be administered medicinal cannabinoid oil under the tongue one hour before going to bed. However, a placebo group will be also administered an inactive oil for two weeks as well.

The two groups will also be switched later on.

Meanwhile, the study will be blind, meaning each group will not know whether they are receiving the active or placebo medication.