B.C. Weed Activist Dana Larsen Criticizes Proposed Jail Sentences for Offenders

Vancouver-based activist Dana Larsen criticized Sunday the B.C. government’s proposed recreational cannabis laws, which could land offenders up to one year in jail.

“I can’t get over this 3-month jail sentence [for first-time offenders],” the activist tweeted, making sure he is including the Twitter handle of the western province’s Premier John Joseph Horgan.

Under the proposed B.C. legislation, first-time offenders can get a three-month sentence, second-time offenders will land 6-month in jail plus fines. Fines also could range from $2,000 to $100,000, or jail time of three to 12 months, for various offenses.

“Completely absurd, especially when we should be decriminalizing possession of all drugs,” he wrote in another tweet.

What is surprising is that B.C. is run by the NDP, a party that has long championed legalization, making it a suitable option for Larsen, who is one of its members.

One Twitter user by the name Mike White asked Larsen: “You were so very big on the NDP Party.  What happened?? Now they have become the enemy, correct ???”

In a reply, the activist said: “I’m a member of the NDP, I know some of the MLAs and MPs pretty well, and I know some of them are as disappointed in this legislation as I am. Hopefully, we can convince @jjhorgan & the @bcndp to make some changes to this legislation before they pass it. #bcpoli.”

But the proposal is making others feel estranged from the NDP, with a user like Sheep Farmer vowing not to vote again for the NDP.

“I thought the NDP was for Legalization?  What the heck is wrong with them? If a provincial arm of the NDP thinks this way, I won’t be voting NDP federally ever again and I have always.”

Canadians are increasingly feeling disillusioned with the upcoming legalization. With some seeing it as mere privatization and others view it as a total hijacking of an already-thriving Canadian cannabis culture.