Barbados’ Agriculture Minister suggests that medical marijuana would benefit the country

Barbados – Agriculture and Food Security Minister Indar Weir proposed in his maiden speech in the House of Assembly that there is an abundance of opportunities in growing medical marijuana.

Weir believes that the country should embrace the new possibilities that are available in the agriculture industry.

He explained the current legislation would have to be amended and a link between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture would have to be formed.

“We have an abundance of opportunities when it comes to unlocking and giving people the chance to grow medical marijuana, simply because of the value chain that follows.”

Additionally, he said medical marijuana would increase revenue. The added value that would be created from cosmetic oils and massage creams made from medical marijuana would be beneficial.

Weir also believes that the Ministry of Agriculture has the ability to help reduce food import costs. He stated that Barbados can handle more production.

The impact on the sugar industry has been taken into consideration and steps to produce and cultivate more sugar cane are being discussed.

“We have people who are prepared to help us transition from bulk sugar to specialty sugars, and so there is a conversation ongoing to help us save significant amounts in foreign currency by being able to export specialty sugars.”