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Some Cities, Municipalities in British Columbia are Banning Marijuana Dispensaries  

Some Cities, Municipalities in British Columbia are Banning Marijuana Dispensaries  

Dina Al-Shibeeb
Crowds try to catch free marijuana joints being given out at the Vancouver Art Gallery during the annual 4/20 day, which promotes the use of marijuana, in Vancouver, British Columbia April 20, 2013. (File image via Reuters)

Some cities and municipalities in the western British Columbia province are banning the sale and production of cannabis ahead of Canada’s nationwide marijuana legalization, CBC News reported on Thursday.

Canada will be the first developed nation worldwide to legalize marijuana this summer, and the second country to do so after Uruguay.

Vancouver is considered to be the most tolerant to marijuana consumption and businesses in the province of British Columbia. However, most municipalities in Lower Mainland in the province are banning dispensaries until British Columbia decides how to regulate sales.

The British Columbian city of Delta on Tuesday held a public hearing on a sweeping bylaw change that includes the ban on cannabis dispensaries. White Rock city also held a public hearing on Monday to ban dispensaries.

White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin told CBC News it is banning these dispensaries because “it’s illegal,” adding: “That’s a good reason.”

Baldwin said cities in British Columbia that are allowing marijuana dispensaries have their own police force. These cities include Vancouver, Victoria, and Nelson. Others, like White Rock, are policed by RCMP, which enforce federal laws.

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Among other cities that do not allow marijuana production are: Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey.

All of them are waiting for provincial regulations to start their marijuana operation. Also, in Canada, each municipality and city make their own decisions regarding on how they want to implement the provincial regulations within their jurisdictions. 


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