Belgian Police Seize 11.5 Tons of Cannabis, Arrest 6 People

BRUSSELS — Belgian police have seized 11.5 tons of cannabis with an estimated street value of 114 million euros ($124.6 million) and arrested six people during a drug bust at Brussels’ main wholesale market, officials said Tuesday.

The Belgian capital’s prosecution office said special federal police units found the drugs in a container during a large-scale operation early Monday. Laurent Nys, the market’s director, said about 30 police vehicles and a helicopter were involved.

More than 100 companies are based on the 34.5-acre site that receives 23,000 visitors a month.

“It’s very difficult to inspect all the trucks that come in and out,” Nys told local broadcaster RTBF. “And I don’t have the police powers to do that.”

The six suspects were remanded in custody.

Amid worldwide air travel restrictions, the coronavirus has dealt a blow to the illegal drug trade. In Belgium, the federal police said there are fewer drugs available, resulting in a slight increase in prices.

The Associated Press