Sanders Criticizes Sessions Again, Calls to End Marijuana Prohibition in U.S.

Bernie Sanders lambasted Jeff Sessions again on what he described as a “war on marijuana.”

In a video published on Twitter by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, people can learn a new tidbit of information about marijuana and U.S. history.

In the video Sanders shared on Tuesday, Sanho Tree, a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and has been Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998, said: “Every U.S. president with the exception of Donald Trump, since 1993, has smoked marijuana.”

The tweet was retweeted at least 556 times.

In early January, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama-era policy, making the federal government able to crack down on marijuana operations already legalized in nine states – for recreational purposes, and 29 others – for medicinal use.

Sanders, who ran as a candidate for the presidential primaries for the Democratic party in 2016, lambasted Sessions following his move. He told him there is a difference between marijuana and the lethal drug: Heroine.

But in his new tweet, Sanders repeated his criticism on what he described as “Sessions’ war on marijuana.”

He said: “A growing majority of the American people understand that we should allow states the right to move toward the decriminalization of marijuana, not reverse progress that has been made.”

Sessions extended the federal government intervention in California, the largest U.S. state, legalized marijuana on Jan. 1.

Following California, Vermont, where Sanders is a Senator since 2008, became the ninth U.S. state that has legalized cannabis, however, sales continue to be prohibited.