Better Access To Medical Marijuana Needed For Canadians

The Need For Better Access To Medical Marijuana

Cannabis has the potential to alter the way in which modern medicine operates. In many cases, medical marijuana might be a viable an alternative to various dangerous prescription medications.

Medical marijuana has the potential to replace many anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, opioids, and anti-seizure medications to name a few. With the opioid crisis devastating the lives of so many, now might be a good time to challenge preconceived notions about medicine and look for greener alternatives.

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Resistance to a Better Alternative

The process of obtaining a medical marijuana prescription can be a daunting task for many. In their way lies a number of hurdles that can prove difficult to overcome.

Access to a pro-cannabis doctor is chief amongst these. While public opinion in Canada is becoming overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana, many within the medical community do not seem to be swayed. Despite the overwhelming body of scientific evidence that has emerged in support of medical cannabis, many doctors remain vehemently anti-cannabis.

A Consultation over the phone with a medical professional
NamasteMD is key for patients who require better access to medical marijuana (image via The Chronicle Herald

It would seem that orthodoxy and inertia are strong forces. Stronger in fact, than the desire of many doctors to provide their patients with the best possible medicines.

For many patients, a single rejection can be devastating. Pro-cannabis doctors can be difficult to find. For those who live in a remote location, this issue is all the more pertinent. For them, anti-cannabis doctors might be the only game in town.

The disabled and the elderly face additional hurdles of their own with regards to ease of access to medical marijuana. Better access to medical marijuana is an essential service that NamasteMD can provide to these people whom the medical establishment has failed.

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A single rejection is no longer an issue. With NamasteMD the entire process of attaining medical marijuana has been digitized, including the doctor-patient interaction. As the cutting edge of telemedicine, NamasteMD has another advantage over traditional methods of acquiring medical marijuana… Lightning speed.

After the patient fills out their application and has their video consultation, they can receive their medical marijuana recommendation via email. After this, the patient will also receive their prescription from the convenience of their homes in as little as 2-days.

weed delivered to your door
2-day delivery and online consultations make NamasteMD a faster and more discreet alternative to traditional methods of acquiring medical cannabis (image via Canna Recruiter)

NamasteMD is breaking the unnecessary barriers set up by the Canadian medical establishment. However, Canada might not be the only country that could benefit from NamasteMD as the cannabis rights movement takes root in other nations.

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Cannabis Goes Global

As Canada becomes only the second nation to legalize recreational cannabis, an unprecedented opportunity exists to become a leading force in this industry. To this end, Canada will require the assistance of cannabis companies with the ability to service the medical marijuana needs of those abroad.

NamasteMD will be of particular importance in the US as many states continue to maintain a prohibition on recreational cannabis. While some of them are completely dry, many of these states allow medical marijuana only. This is an incredibly prevalent phenomenon as of the 50 American states, 30 have medicinal marijuana, and only 9 have recreational weed. This might be a prevalent trend going forwards as Oklahoma’s landmark decision to legalize recreational marijuana was recently struck down.

NamasteMD, medical cannabis online
With 30 countries currently allowing medical marijuana, NamasteMD is poised to fill a crucial gap in the medical establishment

There are many within these states whose medicinal needs are going unnoticed and NamasteMD has the potential to provide them with better access to medical marijuana.

This is equally true of the world at large. Currently, 30 countries have medicinal cannabis in some form or another, but only one allows for the full recreational use of cannabis. Canada, being a fairly progressive nation still experiences an unprecedented amount of stigma and prejudice against Cannabis within its medical community. It must be assumed that in many of these 30 countries, patients are experiencing issues similar to those in Canada… And that others are fairing for more poorly.

One must also assume that better access to medical marijuana is severely restricted, a problem that NamasteMD will be able to remedy. Namaste Technologies has the desire and the ability to fill this gap with its app NamasteMD. The company began as an international cannabis eCommerce company and currently operates at 32 sites in 20 countries.

With these networks in place and experience in distributing cannabis products worldwide, NamadsteMD is poised to take over the medical marijuana industry.


Online medicine is undoubtedly the way of the future and NamasteMD is one very promising aspect of that future. Through their app, Namaste has streamlined, simplified, and expedited the entire process of getting a medical marijuana prescription. It can be assumed that other aspects of the medical establishment will follow suit.

By: Stefan Hosko
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