Ex-NBA All Star Brad Miller Moves into Marijuana Industry

From shooting swishes to rolling swishas, Brad Miller is looking to become a king in a new game: the marijuana industry.

According to the California City Chamber of Commerce, Brad Miller, the former Sacramento King’s center, has broken ground for his new cannabis manufacturing facility in eastern Kern County. Miller, now moving into the marijuana industry, has called the company: CHC California City.

The facility will grow various strains of cannabis and put out 38 cannabis products. This includes edibles, and water-soluble THC and vaporizer cartridges. They will brand these products under the name Mountain Chief Products. Miller will leave day-to-day operational oversight to deputy Ricky Mauch.

Miller admitted during that the 2009-2009 season that he smoked marijuana to relieve stress and help him fall asleep. This is after suspension for five games during the 2008-09 season.

CHC California city is expected to open in March and have products ready for sale by April.

After being suspended for five games during the 2008-09 season following his third positive test for a banned substance, Miller admitted to smoking marijuana to relieve stress and help himself fall asleep.

The facility is scheduled to open in mid-March, with products expected to be ready for sale by April.

Miller Not First Celebrity to Tap into the Mojave Desert

marijuana resort mike tyson
Mike Tyson has broken ground on a massive marijuana facility Via

According to ABC23. California City has emerged as a surprisingly pot-friendly oasis in the Mojave Desert. 30 manufacturers or cultivators received licenses in the 14,000-person city as of last July.

Following in the footsteps of Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson launched his own marijuana company. The Tyson Ranch will offer a cutting-edge marijuana resort experience complete with on-site grows and production. The facility will also implement cutting-edge technology to advance the research on the health benefits of marijuana.

The resort will be located about 60 miles southwest of Death Valley National park. The remote desert area, now owned by Tyson and his partners, stretches across 40-acres. Tyson’s partners include city mayor Jennifer Wood, Robert Hickman, and Jay Strommen.