British pharmaceutical hopes US agency to approve epilepsy drug next month

The British GW Pharmaceuticals is set to launch a potential mega-hit drug that treats severe forms of epilepsy.

CEO of the Nasdaq-listed GW Justin Gover said product approval of the cannabis-based Epidiolex would show that cannabis research is “serious science”.

“This type of medicine and these classes of medicines could become important drugs across a range of other disease areas.”

If Epidiolex is approved, GW is hoping to launch the medicine in Britain and Europe next year, LA Times reported.

The research and development of the drug are done in Cambridge, UK. However, the green herb is produced and processed at a secret location in England so it does not attract unwanted attention.

Regulatory approval in the US cements a significant breakthrough for the company. After many setbacks, they would enter the realm of progress.

GWs CEO Justin Gover (Image via Business Weekly)

GW is a $4.5 billion company with shares that go as high as $13.