British News Outlet The Guardian Gets Its Own Marijuana Column

On the official day of marijuana legalization in California, The Guardian announced it has created a dedicated column to discuss cannabis: The High Time

In a country where medical marijuana is not entirely legalized, and smoking a joint for recreational use is considered a crime, the British newspaper – The Guardian – announced on Monday that it will have its own column to a create a real adult discussion on the blazing hot topic.

With marijuana legalization “on the brink of global conquest,” wrote  The Guardian’s Alex Halperin, “it will have profound consequences for how adults relax, but also how they date, parent and work,” he added.

The new column will be named “High Time,” similar to the New York-based monthly magazine “High Times,” advocating for the legalization of cannabis since the 1970s.

Funny enough, of all the nine states that have legalized recreational marijuana in the United States, and 30 other states, who have legalized medical marijuana, among other other states, who are launching campaigns to collect signatures to start with legalizations, New York is behind.

Canada is becoming the first industrialized country to legalize marijuana this summer, and Germany, Israel, and Australia “have the beginnings of Med industries.” Halperin also wrote: “Legal marijuana is coming to your neighborhood, maybe a lot sooner than you think.”

In late December, another UK daily, The Times, reported that British taxpayers have paid almost $23 million to cover the cost of police detaining cannabis users in the past five years.

The figures were revealed following a freedom of information request to every police force by Vince Cable, head of the British Liberal Democrats Party. The Liberal Democrats sparked uproar after criticizing what they described as an expensive approach to dealing with the crime.

In a country where marijuana is legal, the British daily The Guardian gets its own marijuana column
United Patients Alliance and MPs including UPA patron Paul Flynn MP host cannabis tea party outside Houses of Parliament to challenge the law on access to medical cannabis to manage their chronic pain conditions. (Image via

In May, the Liberal Democrats have added legalizing marijuana to their election platform.

Like the Liberal Democrats, it seems that The Guardian has lent its full weight to see marijuana legalized. It wrote: “Legalization supporters often say cannabis is safer than alcohol, and this view has gained mainstream credibility,” adding “As Barack Obama said, it was “no more dangerous than alcohol.”

Who knows, maybe the British Liberals are feeling that they are left behind with all the marijuana hype happening everywhere in the world, and want to join in on the buzz.