Calgary’s Laws for Cannabis Consumption

Calgary Examining Public Consumption Sites

If you live in any other than an owned property. You will want to know why Calgary is examining pubic consumption sites.

Come October, Cannabis becomes legal, but that doesn’t mean you can just smoke it anywhere you want. Law has it that Cannabis is only legal to smoke or be consumed in a private residence. This gives owners of apartment buildings that are renting, or Condo boards the ability to outright ban the consumption of Cannabis on their properties. The City of Calgary sees the potential concerns from this, and with the request of one of the council members, may have a chance to get four consumption sites up in the one ward. Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra says he believes that you need a legal way to use, enjoy and consume a legal substance.

Concerns are growing around the legislation by the federal and provincial governments which have limited the use of Cannabis despite it being legal, and now, not creating opportunity for businesses to open legal lounges. Restrictions are plentiful right now, but are expected to relax over time after legalization comes to Canada.

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