No Photos Of Joints! California Company Spends $500,000 On Cannabis Ads

It seems that the legalization of marijuana is changing what viewers are seeing on television. It is definitely transforming the marketing and ads landscape in California.

MedMen, one of the stores “mainstreaming marijuana,” has spent $500,000 on marketing with its ads-wrapped trucks driving around Los Angeles, CNBC reported on Thursday.

MedMen, which has six stores in Southern California and three in New York, had its ads on billboards around Los Angeles metropolitan area. These ads did not include any shape or form of joints or bongs. But have close-ups of people’s faces, tagged with slogans that read: “Heal. It’s legal,” and “Relax. It’s legal.”

Also, rules in California, which govern operating hours and advertising, stipulate that marijuana must not be marketed to those under 21.

MedMen, a California company, spends $500,000 on cannabis ads.
MedMen’s billboard is seen in California. (Image via Adweek)

Daniel Yi, the firm’s vice president of corporate communications, told CNBC that “this is not about marijuana.”

He added: “This is about the people who use cannabis for all the reasons. People have used cannabis for hundreds of years. Yes for recreation, just like alcohol, but also for wellness.” Yi said each MedMen store has more than 1,000 different products.

“Many of them have nothing to do with ‘getting high’… This is about giving choice and a safe and inviting environment for adults who want to make cannabis a part of their lives,” he explained.

Not all marijuana businesses like MedMen are operating in California since legalization day. Not all licenses were ready for Jan.1st.

The trend of marijuana legalization in the United States is also making changes visible to onlookers. On New Year Eve, viewers were shocked when a CNN correspondent smoked a joint live on air. Although this was a celebratory atmosphere, many reacted negatively.