California mayor’s home raided as part of a probe over growing marijuana industry

The Los Angeles Times reported that FBI agents served search warrants at California mayor Rich Kerr’s home, City Hall and a local marijuana dispensary called the Jet Room.

The search warrants were part of a federal investigation over the growing marijuana industry in Adelanto city located in San Bernardino County, California.

Since 2015, Kerr worked hard to attract the cannabis industry to Adelanto. His efforts galvanized national attention as entrepreneurs rushed to take advantage of the city’s openness.

Meanwhile, the IRS and the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office also were a part of the raid, Fox News reported.

Michael Stevens, the city’s public information officer, released a statement saying that the city is “unaware of the nature of the FBI’s investigation,” but it intends to cooperate with the FBI as they continue on, KABC reported.

The mayor Kerr was seen being removed from his home in handcuffs Tuesday morning, according to the Victorville Daily Press. Officials, however, told The Times that Kerr had not been arrested.

If the raid was truly part of an ongoing investigation over marijuana, it could further increase tension between states and the federal government.

California officially legalized the recreational use of marijuana on Jan. 1. But cannabis remains illegal on a federal level.