California Weed Chefs are Creating Marijuana-Infused Food

California Weed Chefs and Small Business Owners are Creating Cuisine With a Twist, Marijuana-Infused Food

California chefs are creating dishes that might get you high in more ways than one. What’s on the menu? Delicacies like foie gras and soufflés infused with marijuana.

Some of these recipes have seen their creators featured on Netflix’s very own Cooking on High, and the Viceland show Bong Appetit, two cooking series devoted to gourmet cannabis.

One of Bon Appetit’s hosts, Vanessa Lavorato, who is also the owner of Marigold sweets, believes that chefs tapping into the legal marijuana market and blending it into food is a modern upgrade.

Her company, Marigold Sweets is a cannabis confectionary in Los Angeles specializing in handmade, organic, marijuana-infused truffles.

She explained that the flavor that was previously associated with marijuana no longer exists since cannabis companies have designed new cultivation and processes.

“You don’t have to taste anything if you don’t want to. They have distillates. They have different concentrates that concentrate it down to THC or CBD.”

She added

“It’s just to add a little bit of herb. It doesn’t even need to get you high. It shouldn’t overwhelm you.”

The proprietor of a downtown Los Angeles restaurant, Yassmin Sarmadi stated that she and her husband, chef Tony Esnault, use CBD daily and so far they are feeling better than ever.

“It’s like putting hemp seeds on a salad, which people do.”
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Cooking With CBD

Weed chef makes high class dishes
Andrea Drummer, a former drug counselor, now created cannabis-infused dishes for celebrities (image via LA Weekly)

Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), does not make you high and is easier to be infused into a recipe.

CBD is more seen as a pain reliever and is now being added to cocktails and salads.

This year West Hollywood is granting new licenses for cannabis consumption areas that were previously prohibited by law.

The change may alter the city into a place for upscale cannabis tourists.

Lavoroto is excited about the municipality’s planned expansion, as it will allow for her to grow her business.

“West Hollywood is saying you can do restaurants. You can do a spa. You can have a café. It’s really going to be exciting to see who gets the licenses and what they do with these licenses.”

Private cannabis chef, Andrea Drummer, who was previously a drug prevention counselor for many years, now caterers for Hollywood star’s dinners. She has created a room service menu for the James Hotel in New York that is based on CBD recipes.

Drummer, who plans to open her own fancy cannabis restaurant one day, stated that she would love to employ people who have previously been incarcerated for marijuana crimes.

“I would love to employ people that have been pardoned or are coming out of jail for nonviolent marijuana crimes. I would love to be able to give people jobs, people that look like me, black and brown people that should have some part in this industry.”

Drummer believes marijuana is just an added seasoning to a recipe.

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