The Numbers and Noise From California’s First Day of Legalization

Hundreds of people lined up to by recreational weed in California on Monday. Here are some of the numbers and quotes from the historic first day of legalization.

The Berkeley Patient Group was one of the select dispensaries open for recreational sale on Monday. Director of government affairs, Sabrina Fendrick said that before noon, the shop had completed almost 300 customer transactions and sold roughly $22,000 dollars in product. Fendrick went on to say that during the first day of legalization,

“The numbers we saw earlier in the day remained consistent, and there was an uptick in the afternoon.”

Fendrick declined to offer specifics on how many transactions took place. However, she stated that there were 1,200 driver’s licenses scanned. Not all of those customers made a purchase.

420 Central in Santa Ana is just south of Los Angles. By 1:30 Pm, the shop served roughly 400 customers and processed nearly $30,000 in product. According to owner and director Rob Taft,

“We’ve had a line out the door since we opened, and it’s still outside the door,” “

From a business perspective, Taft considers Jan 1st as a “grand slam walk-off. The shop in Santa Ana said there were customers from L.A. to Idaho to Tennesse.

“I’ve done 11 interviews today… We’ve made national news. I have family members in New York saying, ‘I just saw you on TV.’ It’s unbelievable.”

Customer Perspectives on the First-day Legalization

Jeff Deakin, his wife, and dog waited all night for California’s legalization. They lined up with over 100 people at the Harborside dispensary. The shop offered early customers “joints for a penny” and free t-shirts that read “Flower to the people — Cannabis for all.” Deakin says,

“It’s been so long since others and myself could walk into a place where you could feel safe and secure and be able to get something that was good without having to go to the back alley. This is kind of a big deal for everybody.”

Henry Wykowski was one of the first customers to make a purchase. He told local news that,

“It was exciting driving over here this morning,” he told KPIX. “To be able to walk in, show your driver’s license and make a purchase — it’s been a long time coming. It took too long.”