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Cannabis Cures Herpes? Is It Effective as a Treatment?

Cannabis Cures Herpes? Is It Effective as a Treatment?

Cannabis Cures Herpes? Is It Effective as a Treatment?

Cannabis Cures Herpes? Is It Effective as a Treatment?

Studies show promising results that cannabis cures herpes. It stops herpes from replicating, and it also stops this disease from spreading. But how does it work? What are the ways that cannabis cures herpes?

What is herpes and can it be cured?

Herpes is an infection caused by certain a type of virus called the herpes simplex virus. It affects the mucosal surfaces of the body such as the genitalia, oral mucosa, anal region, among others.

Symptoms of herpes include blisters and lesions on the mucosal areas, pain upon urination, and discharge from the genitals. Other symptoms include cold sores around the lips, red and raised blisters on the skin, and enlarged lymph nodes.

Unfortunately, herpes has no known cure. Once you have the virus in you, you will have it for life. This is one of the reasons why patients with herpes always suffer from recurrent flare-ups or attacks.

Medications only provide symptom relief. They also control the virus from spreading, but they can’t fully eradicate the virus from the body.

Studies on cannabis and herpes give patients hope. Their results show that cannabis cures herpes or at least has properties that can control the virus.


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Cannabis Cures Herpes by Preventing Them from Replicating

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The herpes virus replicates itself and spreads inside the body. As its numbers grow, symptoms begin to show up.

One study found that cannabis cures herpes or at least stops the virus from replicating itself. The mechanism of how cannabis cures herpes and stops them from replicating still remains unclear. But researchers suggest that THC might be targeting a specific viral gene.

Cannabis Cures Herpes by Preventing the Reactivation of Herpes Virus

The same study also found that THC prevents the reactivation of herpes viruses.

The herpes virus has a latent period where it lies dormant inside a cell. However, it is reactivated by several factors like stress. It’s like the virus “senses” that the body is under a lot of stress, so it tries to escape from within the cell. It then replicates, spreads, and causes flare-ups of symptoms.

Researchers found that THC inhibits a certain protein in the virus that plays a role in their reactivation and replication.


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Cannabis Controls Herpes Symptoms

CBD Tincture - Cannabis Cures Herpes? Is It Effective as a Treatment?

There are other ways that cannabis can help control herpes symptoms. Topical cannabis cream reduced pain caused by shingles. Using cannabis also improves mental health problems associated with herpes-like depression and anxiety. Cannabis also enhances your immune system and helps your body fight the virus.

Ways to Prevent Herpes

Herpes is preventable, and there are ways to reduce your risk of contracting herpes.

Always practice safe sex and use condoms.

If your partner has cold sores in the mouth and genitals, abstain from having sex. Advise your partner to see the doctor immediately for proper medications.

At parties, don’t drink from the same bottle or share cigarettes or weed with anyone. Herpes virus can be transmitted orally.

We need more studies to see if cannabis cures herpes. But the results of some studies are very promising.



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