Overdosing on Cannabis: Is it even possible to overdose on Cannabis?

Overdosing on Cannabis

Is it even possible to overdose on Cannabis?

Overdose, defined as an excessive and dangerous dose of a drug. These are fear words that the media and health organizations have picked up as of late to express a potential outcome of using Cannabis.

Overdosing though is the incorrect word to use, because chemically, you can’t overdose on Cannabis, the traditional sense of overdosing that is. Cannabis has no record of a person actually dying from consuming a lethal dose of Cannabis. It’s actually impossible.

A lethal dose of Cannabis would require the person to smoke their entire body weight in dried Cannabis or eat the equivalent in one sitting. What is possible and getting confused with an overdose is the outcome that you can vomit from consuming too much Cannabis at once known as greening out.

In most cases, this is caused when consuming Cannabis and something else that has a toxic level such as alcohol.

How do you feel about using the word Overdose when it relates to Cannabis? Let me know in the comments. I’m Brandan Dietrich and this is Puff Puff Post, your cannabis news.

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