Canada’s B.C. Province to Launch Early Registration for Pot Licenses

The Canadian western province of British Columbia said on Monday that it will launch an early registration process this spring for both individuals and businesses interested in applying for cannabis retail licenses.

As British Columbia unveils more details of how cannabis will be regulated in the province, it said it will not put a cap on how many licenses are available.

“Although B.C. will not cap the number of retail licenses available, licences will not be issued without the support of local governments, which will have the authority to make local decisions, based on the needs of their communities,” it said in a press release.

It also said rules governing marijuana will be “similar” of that of liquor.

“The operating rules governing public and private retail stores will be similar to those currently in place for liquor.”

But it said thatlicensed retailers will not be able to sell cannabis in the same stores as liquor or tobacco.”

It added: “In urban areas, licensed retailers will only be allowed to sell cannabis and cannabis accessories, and will be prohibited from selling other products, such as food, gas, clothing and lottery.”

However, the provincial government made an exception for people living in rural areas.

“[The government] will establish exceptions for rural non-medical cannabis retail stores, similar to those of rural liquor stores,” but “the criteria for determining these rural areas are currently under development.”

In British Columbia, adults aged 19 years and older will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in a public place.

In July, Canada will be the first developed nation to legalize marijuana and the second after Uruguay.

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