Analysis: Canada’s Marijuana Production Could Reach 3 Million Kilograms in 2020

Canada’s marijuana production could reach 3 million kilograms in 2020, says a finance analyst.

Sean Williams, who writes for, compiled the expected marijuana production of Canada’s top producers.

Aurora Cannabis’s management team believes that there is a high possibility that they can deliver an excess of 570,000 kilograms per year once there production is at full capacity.

Canopy Growth Corporation – Canada’s biggest producer – says they can handle a capacity of 500,000 kilograms per year.

Aphria, meanwhile, is projecting that they will be able to produce 255,000 kilograms once all projects are completed.

The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) – a relatively new public company – expect an annual production of up to 195,000 kilograms.

Combining the production capacity of these four large companies, the annual output would provide 1.52 million kilograms.

Adding to this total would be the production totals from the smaller Canadian production companies.

Second-Tier Companies

With second-tier companies like Tilray, Emerald Health Therapeutics, OrganiGram Holdings, Hydropothecary Corporation and CannTrust Holdings can produce up to 591,000 kilograms per year in total.

This brings the total to approximately 2.1 million kilograms.

Third-Tier Companies

The third-tier growers like Cronos Group, Sunniva, The Supreme Cannabis Company, Auxly Cannabis Group and WeedMD could produce 480,000 kilograms, pushing the total closer to 2.5 million kilograms.However, the amount could grow to 3 million kilograms if any of the companies are underestimating their capacities.

Many people mull that the cannabis market in Canada to grow rather quickly after recreational marijuana becomes legal on Oct.17.

However, a supply shortage is more likely to take place until the process to fine tune the marijuana production following legalization.