Canadian Activist: Marijuana Legalization Means ‘Happier, Healthier Cops’

A Canadian activist gives a convincing ratiocinative on Twitter concerning why marijuana legalization is a great win even for cops.

In one of the best reflective comments following the suspension of two Canadian cops, who tried edibles while on duty, a Vancouver-based cannabis activist tweeted on Wednesday his thoughts of why marijuana legalization is a win-win situation.

Dana Larsen, who advocates for cannabis reform and an end to the global war on drugs, explained that “Legalization means that police get to use cannabis too.”

The two policeman from Toronto tried edibles after raiding a dispensary in the biggest city in Ontario by population. The police officers, who obviously lacked the proper knowledge about edibles, “didn’t get that advice,” Larsen said.

“Because they stole the edibles, instead of buying them in the normal way,” he added.

The activist said if they purchased the edibles “normally,” the two would “get guidance and dosing info so these ‘cannabis overdoses’ wouldn’t happen.”

He added:

“Any responsible dispensary tells people who buy edibles to take it easy, start with a small dose, wait for effects to come on before taking more.”

The officers reported hallucinating and called for backup when they could not handle their “overdose” after having their cannabis-laced brownies.

Smoking marijuana is different than eating it. The former method would give an instant high, while the latter hits the person much later and has arguably stronger effects, necessitating a sliver of a small brownie at a time as oppose having it all at once.

“Why did they do that?” he questioned.

“Seems to me, they were curious about cannabis, maybe had never tried it before. They thought smoking it would be too heaty & make them smell, so they tried edibles.”

At the end, Larsen concluded that Canada would have “happier” and “healthier” police officers “if they switched from chugging booze to using cannabis.”

He lamented again if they purchased it through a legalized, propper, decent way, none of this embarrassing mishap would have happened. Cops are after all, curious humans too.