Canadian Legalization: A Message From Us

It’s the dawn of a new era, but for some, it’s the re-legalization of a powerful plant. Either way, there is a reason to celebrate!

As the fall breeze rolls in, and the maple leaves turn, so turns the laws on cannabis. It seems almost strange that it has finally come. Canadian legalization is actually here. It does come with some confusing rules and regulations and it certainly is not perfect. But it has certainly put Canada on the map. Once known for snowy winters, hockey, and a good looking Prime Minister is now known as the first G7 Country to legalize weed.

Canadian Legalization – STARTS TODAY!

From each province to each territory, rules are different but overall cannabis is officially legal. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this new green leap. Many are really excited about the idea of being able to grow at home, others are excited about having the freedom to smoke without a medical license. In addition, everyone seems to be excited about trying the product for the first time or again!

Companies, brands and communities have been tirelessly working to create both medical and recreational brands that will suit the needs of people. And despite the never-ending hard work, many are ready to stay up all night and smoke a puff in celebration.

We Thank You

In light of this new horizon, Puff Digital wants to thank you for being apart of this. For being apart of a community who wanted to be educated whether you believe in cannabis or not. Canadian legalization is a monumental step for medical patients and possibly a leisure tool that can change the future of a drug crisis. While things in the law are not perfect, there are many working towards making it better educated, supported and fairer for minorities and indigenous communities.

We will continue to provide the stories that are trending, the stories that are fun and most importantly the stories that are needing to be told. Puff Puff Post will be highlighting the power of the female as legalization hits. Not only the female cannabis plant but the women running the businesses, the women nurturing the homes and the women empowering communities.

It is just amazing. After all this time. All all the fights for peoples rights. It is happening. There is a ton of more work to be done within the government laws and the community won’t stop to make it well rounded for everyone. Puff Puff Post thanks you for staying engaged on our website, social media and at conferences. Thank you for being active with us, growing with us, and being apart of the push towards legalization – even if in a small way.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about Canadian Legalization. For further information check out CCLA for a wonderful infographic.

Questions and Answers:

Q: How old do you have to be to buy it?

A: 18 to 19 years old (depending on province or territory).

Q: How much product can I have on my person at a time?

A: Medically up to 30 grams and make sure to store away from children and pets. Recreational users must only transport non-budding flower. Adults processing a budding or flowering cannabis in a public space could face up to 5 years.

Q: Where can and can’t I consume?

A: As of now you can smoke where ever tobacco is consumed, including camping sites and personal property. As long as you are of age.

Q: How can I get my product?

A: The OCS online store is the only legal place for adults 19 and older to purchase legal cannabis in Ontario. The government will also not put a cap on retail shops when it starts licensing and regulating the province’s private cannabis retail marketplace. Additionally, the municipalities will have until January to opt out of hosting the stores.

Q: What are are the laws around drinking and driving?

A: Yes, and is considered a criminal offence.

Q: How can I get my product?

A: The OCS online store is the only legal place for adults 19 and older to purchase legal cannabis in Ontario. Medical patients will still be able to access there product through Licensed Producers.

*Laws are subject to change – so always make sure to stay updated with us!*