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Canadian Man Charged for Illegally Growing Marijuana Worth More Than $500,000

Canadian Man Charged for Illegally Growing Marijuana Worth More Than $500,000

Dina Al-Shibeeb
Another amendment proposed by Conservative Sen. Judith Seidman that would have imposed a blanket prohibition on home growing across the country was rejected by a vote of 7-5. (File image via Canadian Press)

Police in the Canadian city of Winnipeg have charged a man for growing 463 marijuana plants with a potential value of $518,560, CBC News reported on Wednesday.

The man, aged 61, was busted after having his operation in Winnipeg’s Southdale area shut down. He was charged with producing marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The police also said they seized 225 marijuana plants recently harvested and drying, with a potential street value of $252,000. The growing equipment is worth $30,900, they added. 

The incident happened after a lengthy investigation into a fraudulent marijuana production license, CBC News reported.

The charges are put in place against the man on the backdrop of Canada nearing its nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana this summer.

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However, even after legalization, Winnipeg – located in the province of Manitoba – will prohibit citizens from growing their own weed at home. This has left a sweet and sour reaction for activists, who want to see legalization take place but have the right to grow marijuana.

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