Hiring Agency For Canadian Marijuana Companies Experiences Bandwidth Issues

A hiring agency focused on the cannabis industry experienced bandwidth issues this morning. This is after an influx of applicants looking to land jobs at Canadian marijuana companies.

Canadian marijuana companies are boarding their windows in preparation for the hurricane that is recreational cannabis legalization. Alison McMahon runs Cannabis At Work, a hiring agency operating within the cannabis industry. She says,

“The workforce is booming.”

McMahan and her agency are recruiting for all positions. Positions range from growing and production to sales and marketing. All across the country, companies are searching for qualified employees. But Cannabis at Work might not have expected the influx of resumes created with their press run.

As of 11:10 am EST, the resume submission page on their website was down due to an influx of users. It seems the “green hurricane” has taken its first victim.

Stigmas are fading

Since the origins of prohibition, there have been stigmas associated with cannabis use. As the legal industry is moving forward, those stigmas are now transferred to cannabis professions. Cannabis at Work’s website malfunction is a good proof of the changing times. Their owner says,

“I think that the people, at this point, who are looking at the industry and are excited really see the upside and the growth potential…”

She continued to say,

“More and more people are open to this topic, so it doesn’t end up being that big of a deal.”
Section Grower Morgan Blenk inspects a marijuana plant clone before planting it at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith’s Falls, Ontario, Canada on March 19, 2014. REUTERS/Blair Gable/File Photo

Canadian marijuana companies are picky

The hysteria surrounding the industry has increased the demand for marijuana-focused positions. In turn, this is allowing Canadian marijuana companies to select the best talent. According to Kerri-Lynn McAllister, CMO at Lift,

“Because of all the excitement, it’s really an opportunity for companies to pick up the A-players in business or whatever field they’re operating in”

McCallister continued on to say that the industry is finally receiving a positive light. Business executives, techies, and marketing moguls, all at the peak of their game, are now offering up their services to marijuana companies.

Experience comes in different forms

Like any other industry, relevant experience is what Canadian marijuana companies are prioritizing. Especially when it comes to production. But McMahon notes that experience could come from a commercial food greenhouse or even the black market.

McMahon says salaries will be comparable to what other similar industries offer. For example, a general grower could make about $50,000 per year. While a production director could expect closer to $100,000.

“Some people seem to think that because it’s cannabis and because of all the growth, the salaries are going to be so high. And that’s not the case.”

Anyone who wants to get into the industry should do their research, she added. A great skillset in combination with a knowledge of the cannabis industry will always be the most valuable mix.