Canadian parody deriding govt-run Toronto’s weed stores is ‘hysterical’

Should the Canadian government specifically the province of Ontario let dispensaries stay in business? Well, that’s the question a recently unleashed parody is trying to answer.

For those following the ever so unfolding marijuana legalization process in Canada, they know that the province of Ontario has one of the worst plans rolled out to oversee the process.

One of the main complaints is the government monopoly over the legal sales of marijuana.

On Tuesday, CBC Comedy released a parody titled “Torontopia,” deriding the future government-run Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), which will be the designated place to sell legal weed to customers, who are 19-year-old and above.

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The satire shows a group of seven politicians in a meeting, not knowing how to legalize marijuana. This reflects Ontarians’ wrath over what they perceive as the government’s lack of knowledge on how to legalize the green herb and its desire to profiteer.

“Who here knows how to sell weed?” one of the actors asked. After a long pause of ominous silence, he gets his answer: “I know how it works in theory.”

In another scene, one of the actors said: “As you know, we will be shutting down dispensaries and opening up our 80-store, legal money on weed.”

Canadians on social media dubbed the parody as “funny” and “hysterical.” Others praised the parody for bringing some truth. “So true it hurts. Sounds like Onterrible!,” one Facebook user said.

Ontario, which was the first province to announce a detailed plan to sell and distribute recreational marijuana, will see 40 OCS stores expected to open this year and another 40 by July of next year. In total, the province plans to set up roughly 150 standalone cannabis stores by 2020.

Some Canadian activists see Ontario as having the worst plans, with others pledging to boycott OSC.

The Conservative Doug Ford, who became Ontario’s new premier after winning the June 7 provincial election, had previously tapped into people’s anger when he promised an open market for recreational marijuana after legalization.

The Liberal Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s prime minister at the time, dubbed his statement as “reckless.”

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