Canadian Conservative Senate Calls Cannabis Act a ‘Piece of Feces’

On Thursday evening, the Canadian Senate made some major news announcements when it gave approval in principle to the federal government’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana.

The bill will now be scrutinized by five different Senate committees, which could recommend amendments, before returning it to the upper house for a final debate and vote by June 7.

But not everyone is that happy about the bill. Especially the Conservative Sen. P-H Boisvenue, who called Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act — excuse our language — “a piece of shit.”

Glen McGregor, the political correspondent for CTV National News, is the one who reported about Boisvenue’s choice of words on Twitter before the bill was passed at second reading by a vote of 44-29.

Boisvenue was so furious, he reportedly said every clause needs to be rewritten and cannot be repaired with amendments.

In reaction, one Twitter user called to “abolish” the Senator.

The Upper House, the Red Chamber or the Senate also received some flak from Canadians for being “unelected” yet having a major role in deciding whether the bill will pass or not.

However, Boisvenue’s comments also reflect Canadians’ mixed emotions.

Marc Emery, a Canadian icon for marijuana activism in the country, dubbed the bill as “worse than prohibition” and that the Liberal-led government has “ruined legalization.”

Many activists see holes and issues in the act itself. For instance, selling marijuana to a teen could land the offender up to 14 years in prison. However, many others want to see recreational marijuana to be finally legalized and no longer pose as a ground for charges for possessing or smoking it.

One Independent Senator Tony Dean said he was “embarrassed” by those who voted against the bill.

And there are others, who really just want to see it legalized.