Canadian Universities Releasing Cannabis Policies

Canadian Universities Releasing Cannabis Policies — the Nation’s Higher Learning Institution are in the Process of Hashing out the Details of Marijuana Regulations

Most Canadian schools will have are set to implement campus cannabis rules and regulations in preparation for cannabis legalization on October 17.

Some Universities are planning to go as far as prohibiting all types of recreational marijuana smoking, including vaping.

The Province of Quebec has implemented a specific regulation that prohibits cannabis smoking on grounds that house buildings being used for tertiary educational institutions, therefore no smoking on any campus in the province.

Quebec’s McGill University has taken this restriction even further by prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana and restricting the use of marijuana edibles, drinkables, topicals and any other form of marijuana.

The University has made it clear that anyone that breaks these rules will face disciplinary action.

Student pass around joint in Canada, Canadian Schools ban weed
Memorial University in St. John’s, N.L., has also banned smoking across campus (Image via

Don O’Leary reports that the University of Guelph in the province of Ontario, that marijuana consumption will only be allowed in private residences.

However, Guelph University prohibits all types of smoking on campus, so cannabis inhalation is banned.

O’Leary expects that edibles will be permitted, but only to a certain extent.

Institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia students may be at an advantage compared with the other provinces.

In Alberta and British Columbia, smoking will be permitted in all areas with the exception of cars, areas frequented by children and areas where tobacco is restricted.

By contrast, in Nova Scotia universities, cannabis smoking will be permitted in areas where tobacco can be consumed.

However, university policies have yet to be defined.

University of Alberta’s, Kevin Friese stated that the University working group recommends that cannabis smoking is restricted to specific areas on the campus.

The decision is pending the bylaws of the City of Edmonton.

Friese has confirmed that marijuana consumption, including edibles, will be prohibited in the residence rooms of the University.

In Saskatchewan, the University of Regina recently banned smoking of all types on campus, including cannabis, and has banned growing cannabis in residence rooms. However, the decision on whether edible consumption will be allowed has not been made.

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