The Canadian Cannabis Chamber Organization

The Canadian Cannabis Chamber Organization is supporting and advocating the plan to legalize cannabis next July 2018. Rick Hanson, a former Calgary policeman, and two past Alberta cabinet ministers are a few supporting members of the organization. Working together with the legal recreational marijuana industry to regulate standards and legislation.

Jonathan Denis, one of the members of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber organization, is also helping provide advice to companies as Canada prepares cannabis legalization next summer. Denis, also a former justice minister of Alberta, said he had never dreamed of working with an industry that supports a substance that criminalized people during his years as Alberta’s solicitor general.

“The reality is the federal government has decided to make it a legal substance and with that comes to some challenges. We want to make sure that there are a few negative effects on society as possible from what will be a legitimate business.” – Jonathan Denis
Canadian Cannabis Chamber

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The Canadian Cannabis Chamber organization have plans to promote policies for greater access to cannabis and cannabis products while advocating the best standards and practices in reducing business costs by lobbying for sensible regulations. Denis said the chamber supports 18 as the legal age of cannabis consumption and would like to see legal cannabis sell in private retail locations.

To join this non-profit organization, companies pay a fee to join in order to have access to information from its experts.

“We are going to be able to do advocacy on behalf of the industry and put people together who may want to do business together in the industry just like a normal chamber of commerce.” – Jonathon Denis

Lindsay Blackett, former Alberta culture minister, is also focusing on government relations and said there are plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs, including Indigenous communities, who want to to get involved in the cannabis industry, and learn how to become cannabis producers. Currently, the industry is poised to grow, Blackette mentions and will help expand the economy. The interest in the legal recreational cannabis industries in Canada is already high and is expected to increase.

Canadian Cannabis Chamber

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“It is coming whether we like it or not,” he said. “If we work together, we can have an industry that is going to create jobs, is going to create revenue.” – Lindsay Blackett

A former vice-president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Rick Hanson, is also listed as the Canadian Cannabis Chamber’s “public security adviser.” Hanson now works for the Merrco company that claims it has a protected payment technology for “direct-to-consumer cannabis mail-orders.”

Since 2014, cannabis has been legal to buy in the state of Colorado. The Canadian Cannabis Chamber president, Peter Pilarski, conducted a team of people that includes those who have been working in Colorado’s cannabis industry.  “There are going to be a huge number of businesses that are going to be popping up,” Pilarski claimed.

A seminar in Calgary is to be later organized this month by the members of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber, with intentions aimed at Alberta municipal offices. A former deputy mayor of Los Angeles who helped advise the city’s recreational cannabis rules will be expected to speak at the seminar.