Cannabis content creators find YouTube alternative after site cancel channels

After one year and a half of laborious work creating cannabis content on YouTube, Troy Redington from Orange County, California, finds himself with no social media platform to share his work.

Redington told The Puff Puff Post that his channel was deleted on May 7.

On his YouTube channel, Redington had 11,000 subscribers, “not bad for 1.5 years of hustle,” he said.

Redington’s social media channel was an extension to his website,, where he dedicated his time and efforts to review and compare cannabis vaporizes.

“I created 100 videos over the last two years helping cannabis users find healthier alternatives to smoking,” he said.

But the Californian, whose home state legalized recreational marijuana on Jan.1, saw his channel and “all of the major cannabis channels” such as “Customgrow420, Strain Central, Urban Remo, SilencedHippie, ArendRichard, PositiveSmash420” deleted.

“My content was not monetized and age-restricted, my choice,” he said.

“Youtube still gave me three community guideline strikes and deleted my existence.”

On Youtube, Redington had his channel serving up to 1.5 million minutes of view duration every month.

Redington reviewing a product.
Redington reviewing a product.

The Weedtube

This has pushed for the creation of a new website – – that allows cannabis enthusiasts freedom.

Arend Richard from Colorado, a 28-year-old famous vlogger, is the founder of the incipient Weedtube.

“Arend Richard is attempting to start a safe haven for cannabis video content,,”  said Redington. “I’m uploading and supporting his goals while also building my own community and content library on”

Legally, YouTube must adhere to U.S. federal laws irrespective of marijuana’s legality at some U.S. states like California.

The deletion of cannabis content comes after YouTube earlier this year removed content focused on conspiracy theory.