Looking for a Cannabis Doctor? Here’s a list of Marijuana Practitioners Near You

Looking for a Cannabis Doctor? Here’s a list of Marijuana Practitioners Near You

It’s a huge step forward as more states legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Unfortunately, only a few doctors in some states have filed applications to prescribe it. As a result, this limitation could pose a problem for some patients looking for a cannabis doctor.

Take Louisiana, for example. This coming fall, the state will be harvesting its first crop of legal cannabis for medicinal purposes. However, fewer than 50 doctors have applied for a license to prescribe medical cannabis. As of August 31, only 27 doctors have been approved by the state’s Board of Medical Examiners, with 16 still waiting for the board’s approval.

Hurdles to Overcome

Most rural areas in Louisiana do not have a cannabis doctor. Furthermore, none have applied so far. Monroe, one of Louisiana’s largest cities, also doesn’t have any cannabis doctor. With this limitation, patients will have a hard time looking for a cannabis doctor near them.

But the lack of licensed cannabis practitioners isn’t the only problem Louisiana patients face. Each approved and licensed cannabis doctor is limited to only a hundred patients.

Industry insiders estimate that there are about 100,000 patients who need medical cannabis. Therefore, the patient cap will only limit the patients’ access to medical cannabis. A vast majority of them won’t be able to obtain medical cannabis ID cards.

New qualifying medical conditions were also added this year, further increasing the number of patients seeking medical cannabis. According to State Senator Fred Mills, supporter and sponsor of the original medical cannabis bill, this increase in qualifying medical conditions also warrants an increase in the patient cap. “You don’t want to limit accessibility,” he says.

Medical marijuana doctors at Louisiana bridge
The shortage of cannabis doctors will present an issue in states who choose to legalize medical cannabis (image via Sparks Heating and Cooling)

Vincent Culotta, the executive director of Louisiana’s State Board of Medical Examiners, is aware of the problem. In a recent interview with Associated Press, Dr. Culotta was quoted saying,

“We realize we’re going to have to increase that number.”

Steps are now being made to address these issues. In their coming September meeting, the medical board is looking into increasing these numbers. Additionally, the state’s medical board will also be working with GB Sciences as well as the LSU AgCenter in educating Louisiana doctors about medical cannabis. Included in their outreach program are informal meetings with each region’s doctors to educate them more about medical cannabis and boost their participation in the state’s medical cannabis program.

Hopefully, these steps can help promote awareness and increase the active participation of Louisiana’s medical communities.

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Looking for a Cannabis Doctor Near You?

There may be some limitations in the state’s medical cannabis program, but this should not stop patients from seeking help. If you’re looking for a cannabis doctor near you, here’s a list of approved cannabis doctors and the regions they serve.

Of note, this list also includes doctors whose applications are still pending.

Baton Rouge:
James D. Atkinson IV
Kevin J. Callerame
Victor H. Chou
Csilla Linszky
James Allen Ratliff
Mary Coenen Raven
Andre Alber Bonnecaze (applied, pending)
Melanie Jeanne McKnight (applied, pending)

Michael J. Hass
Jack E. Saux III

Jonathan Allen
Patrick Decourcy Walker (applied, pending)

Eric Reed Ehlenberger

Rex Steven Houser (applied, pending)

Cher Yan Aymond
Patrick Devincent Moore
John Philip Somner Jr.
John Wiley Stafford

Lake Charles:
Anand Krishnalal Roy
Fayez K. Shamieh (applied, pending)

Fredro Collins Knight Jr.

Alexis Jordan Carimi (applied, pending)
Firas R. Hijazi (applied, pending)

New Iberia:
Angela Marie Langlinais

New Orleans:
Stephen T. Jones
Erik Lee Kinzie
Peter David Candelora (applied, pending)
Ray Bonner Worthy (applied, pending)

Chad Wesley Rossitter
Craig Henry Greene (applied, pending)

Antonio D. Edwards

Karl Gerald Haydel Sr

Tharwat Atif Helmy Ghattas
Tri Hung Pham
Kamal Ali Masri (applied, pending)
Karla O. Querbes (applied, pending)
Britni Teal Sternard (applied, pending)
Russell Wayne Tynes (applied, pending)
Sreedevi Yerrapraggada (applied, pending)

Kevin Anthony Johnson
Ellen C. Schneider
Stephanie Nicole Seasly

*No town listed
Rajeshekar Yerrapragada

Qualifying Medical Conditions

Not all medical conditions can be treated with medical cannabis. So far, the only qualifying medical conditions approved by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners are cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophy, and cachexia.

Other qualifying medical conditions that have been added this year include autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, glaucoma, severe muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, and intractable pain.

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