Arizona Court’s Ruling: Cannabis Extracts are Illegal

Arizona’s Court of Appeals has ruled that cannabis extracts are illegal, prohibiting edibles, oils or wax in what seems to be a final decision.

The court also ruled that cannabis concentrates are not protected by the by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, News 4 reported Wednesday.

On June 26, the Arizona Court of Appeals made a decision when it said that medical marijuana extracts are illegal.

In response, the Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA) formed a legal defense fund to defend medical marijuana patients.

The recent ruling, meanwhile, didn’t please the medical marijuana community especially doctors, who use extracts to treat patients suffering from anything from autism to cancer.

Doctor on Cannabis Extracts in Arizona

Heather Moroso, Doctor, and Owner of Moroso Medical Center expressed concern about her patients, who are as young as an eight-month-old baby and as old as a 97-year-old woman.

The baby “was having about 40 seizures a day,” Moroso said, adding that 97-year-old patient,” came in just a couple months ago and said ‘well I quit all my narcotics and she’s down to two pieces of chocolate a day.”

Marijuana-infused chocolates, an edible, are made with cannabis oil, an extract.

“She titrated off her morphine at 96 years old and switched down to two little pieces of chocolate a day. What’s she supposed to do now? Take that away from her and have her titrate back on her morphine?”

Moroso described extracts are the “truly the medical side of the plant.”

“To be able to extract it allows for different methods of delivery that are healthier. It allows for edibles, it allows for oils for kids. You’re not going to have a child who’s having seizures smoking a joint. I mean it’s ridiculous.”

Hashish not allowed

After a 2-1 decision, the Appeals Court also said that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act does not cover Hashish. the extract of the cannabis plant, containing concentrations of the psychoactive resins.

The doctor delved into the nitty-gritty details of Arizona’s criminal code. The code describes marijuana as the plant and the extract as cannabis or hashish, she said, adding that it is the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and not the Arizona Medical Cannabis Act.

Meanwhile, News 4 reportedthat some dispensaries vow to be defiant by continuing to sell the extracts until the Arizona Department of Health Services says otherwise or until the Arizona Supreme Court gives the final word.