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Cannabis Is Going Mainstream For The Holidays

Cannabis Is Going Mainstream For The Holidays

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It is a sign of mainstreaming and acceptance when even Christmas is getting behind marijuana.

Many different families have different family traditions for the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Santa Clause or our favorite day: Kushmas, it’s a time to be thankful and joyful. This year has been a big year for the cannabis community in terms of legalization and movement towards acceptance. First of all, marijuana is less about crime and more about medical benefits.

Even better, this holiday season you can celebrate with your favorite holiday items in a cannabis-friendly form.

Here are top items to get before it is too late.

Kushmas Tree

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Original Weed Christmas Tree available on Walmart’s Website, can’t be smoked

via Civilized 

Are you sick of the same old fake pine Christmas tree? Are you a marijuana enthusiast? Well, now Walmart has made your Christmas that more special with the fake marijuana Christmas tree. It will be sold and shipped by Brands on Sale, Inc. through Walmart and available in US stores. Also, “The Original Weed Christmas Tree™” is approximately 7 feet tall and has ‘realistic marijuana leaves’. However, it doesn’t come with any bows, lights or ornaments, and it is available on Walmart’s website. With a shortage of Christmas Trees in the US, this is a perfect alternative for people pro-cannabis.

Walmarts official description:

This Pot Leaf Christmas tree will “light up” the room and put your mind in the right head-space for holiday cheer. You’ll be able to relax and giggle at the marijuana leaves and decorate it as you please. Also, this alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personal top-shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration. Green Wishes and Happy Holidhaze!

Advent Calendar – Merry Cannabis

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Lorilee Fedler, owner of Coast to Coast Medicinals, pictured with her Cannabis Christmas Calendars in Vancouver, B.C., on Saturday, November 25, 2017

via Coast2Coast Medicinals

An advent calendar is a giant three-dimensional rectangle with squares for each day leading up to Christmas. In addition, there is a month’s worth of squares, hidden by a window flap. Usually, behind each flap is a small gift or chocolate intended for that day.

However, the norm is changing for advent calendars. Not just for kids anymore. Parents and adults want a fun way to celebrate. In past years, advent calendars have come with beauty products, dog treats, ornaments, tea, toys and even alcohol. Above all, a cannabis company based in Vancouver is filling advent calenders with weed and infused edibles.

Furthermore, these marijuana advent calendars have experts worried because of cannabis’ current legal status in Canada. Most importantly, the company has yet to hear from the police, so sales will continue. This Marijuana Advent Calendar is available through Coast2Coast for $200.

Christmas Wreath or Cannabis Wreath?

cannabis2 - Cannabis Is Going Mainstream For The Holidays
The holidays are here and you can be celebrating with a limited-edition, one-of-kind cannabis wreaths.

via Henry’s Orignal

California cannabis company has made a deal with a Los Angeles florist to create a limited-edition holiday wreath laced with an ounce of marijuana buds. Every cannabis enthusiasts dream.

Henry’s Original is a company that produces and sells medical marijuana. Now, Amy Nicole Floral partners to create limited edition arrangements that contain “sun-grown cannabis”. Also, these limited editions, custom-made wreaths contain eucalyptus, evergreen, dried wheat, dried grasses and moss, berries and pinecones.

One 24-inch arrangement will cost $400 per wreath and will only be sold to people within Los Angeles and surrounding area. Nevertheless, this item is sold through Henry’s Original website and the purchaser must provide a valid medical marijuana license.


Magical Butter For Your Festive Meal

cannabis4 - Cannabis Is Going Mainstream For The Holidays
magical Butter is changing the face of cooking for cannabis users.

via Magical Butter

Billed as the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, the Magical Butter Machine takes all the guesswork out of infusing cannabis into butter, oil, alcohol, topical lotions and more. This machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps extracts at all at the correct temperature and time intervals. In about two hours your infusion is ready to use. Sure, you can infuse in a slow cooker or on the stovetop, but the compact, easy to use Magical Butter Machine makes the process ultra convenient and fuss-free.

Most importantly, as edibles become more popular, this is an easy way to create your cannabutter for any festive meal. Magical Butter makes it safe and easy including silicone gloves and trays and purifying filters with your purchase.

Infusing Alcohol In Style

cannabis2 - Cannabis Is Going Mainstream For The Holidays
From breakfast tea to post-dinner cocktails, this book turns the herb into an essential kitchen and bar ingredient.

via Venas

Combining cannabis and cocktails is a hot new trend, and Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics shows you how. Featuring a collection of 75 recipes of cannabis influenced cocktails and drinks; The Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow will show you the essential instructions for de-carbing cannabis to release its full psychoactive effect. Learn the history of cannabis as a social drug and its growing acceptance to becoming medicinal. Look beyond cocktails and create successful tonics, syrups, shrubs, bitters, compound butter and exotic infused oil to use in any drink.


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