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Your Outlet for Cannabis Health News

Whether you are looking for answers regarding healing your medical condition or trying to understand the in’s and out’s of marijuana, cannabis health news is the best way for you to stay in tune with your body and the newest health studies.

Marijuana Ages the Brain? How to Spot a Biased Study

This article highlights the power of cannabis and the brain. A popular read for our audience, this piece goes teaches how marijuana interacts with the brain. Additionally, the article helps skeptical viewers to spot a biased or fake scientific study. This piece highlights a recent study conducted by the Amen Clinic of the United Kingdom. They found that marijuana ages the brain and published this in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Dieses. Not surprisingly, this may not be completely true. This article will elucidate how the tactics of anti-cannabis crusaders and how to better understand this study into the brain.

“So is it a statement of fact that Marijuana ages the brain? Most likely not.”

Legalizing Edibles Will Stop the Rise in Weed Overdoses

Edibles are one of the biggest trends in the cannabis scene and maybe one of the more dangerous routes to use cannabis. Not because it posses and physical harm to the user, but because processing edibles through the digestive system is a whole different ball game. This article will highlight the benefits of legalizing edibles and what needs to be done to create a safe, legal market.

“In failing to come out with relevant and effective education, the provincial and federal governments have taken a massive L and failed the voting public immensely.”

A Look Into The Benefits of CBC And How It Differs From CBD

You may have heard of THC or CBD, but do you know anything about CBC? The cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids that are beneficial to the body and this article highlights one that is often overlooked. In recent studies, scientists have discovered that CBC may have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antifungal effects, along with pain relief and anti-depressive effects. So, why not learn about this non-psychoactive cannabinoid and further your knowledge of the cannabis health news space?

“The medical community is on the lookout for this compound and is touting it as the next CBD in cannabis therapy.”

Strongest Weed Strains of 2017: The Best of High Potency Strains

Many cannabis users that have been smoking for a long time need something a little stronger. Some medical marijuana patients have such intense chronic pain that they also need a high potency strain. This article is one of the top trending articles of The Puff Puff Post and discusses the heaviest of weed strains. This piece is essential for cannabis health news because it breaks down the medicinal benefits, content, and composition of each of these high potency strains.

“Given the fact that stronger strains are coming out all the time, it’s pretty impressive how far a few small nugs can take you these days.”

Fibromyalgia Patients Have Finally Found an Option For Feeling Better

For many, health is the highest motivation for using cannabis. This article discusses alternative treatments for conditions such as Fibromyalgia and how cannabis can be a safer, more effective option than prescription medication. If you are looking for articles for your health condition, The Puff Puff Post is your source for all thing medical cannabis.

“Nevertheless, experimenting with strains and with application methods helps you find a treatment routine that is most effective.”